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Sale on Adoption Jewelry for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals on adoption jewelry!

Today is Cyber Monday! This shopping event occurs each year on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Are you doing some gift shopping online to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals and sales?

Right now, Adoption Prayer Bracelet is having a sweet Cyber Monday deal! Visit and receive $5 off ANY bracelet style by using the coupon code HIFIVE!

Adoption Prayer Bracelets are a wonderful Christmas gift for someone who’s been blessed by adoption. And, each purchase of this adoption jewelry goes to support an adoption non-profit organization, the Lifetime Adoption Foundation. This organization helps women who are considering adoption, by providing resources and needed essentials. The Lifetime Adoption Foundation also provides adoption grants and birth mother scholarships.

Get $5 off any of the three bracelet styles available by using the code HIFIVE. This coupon code expires on Thursday, so don’t delay! The Adoption Prayer Bracelet comes in three different styles: classic, European, and bangle. The original and European styles are available in a variety of colors, as seen in the photo below. There’s a dainty engraved charm attached to each bracelet. It reads “My Adoption Prayer” on the front and “Pray without ceasing” from 1 Thessalonians 5:17 on the reverse.

These bracelets were created by Lifetime’s founder (and adoptive mother), Mardie Caldwell. An Adoption Prayer Bracelet will be cherished by anyone whose prayers are about adoption. Just use the code HIFIVE at checkout when you purchase her favorite style on

Her Adoption Prayer Bracelet will arrive in a small travel bag, and a free prayer card is included. Just visit to shop. This bracelet will be treasured by any woman touched by adoption!

Adoption Prayer Bracelets come in 3 styles

Thanksgiving Prayer for All Blessed by Adoption

Happy Thanksgiving from Lifetime Adoption Agency!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petitions, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
-Philippians 4:6

As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, we pray that the Lord will keep and watch over those waiting to adopt, as well as those blessed by adoption. We pray God will keep a particular watch over the babies, children, and birth families that we work with at Lifetime Adoption Agency.

Please join us in prayer:

Dear Lord,
Protect everyone we know, love, and come in contact with from sadness and harm today.

Let us realize the true blessings in our lives, the blessings that you have given us at this moment in time. Encourage us as we pause to reflect on our blessings with a thankful heart. May there be a promise of continued blessing in the coming holiday season.

If any of us hurt, please restore our hearts.

If any of us are anxious, grant us patience.

If any of us are around patronizing people, fill them with compassion.

If any of us feel like our lives are lacking, show us how to give to those with even less.

You know the hearts of birth mothers, adoptive families, and the precious children united in adoption. Grant each of them peace for today and hope for tomorrow as we pause during our Thanksgiving observances.

Thank you for your blessings today and all year long,

Lifetime prays that you’ll have a happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones! May blessings and joy will pour to you all.

November is Adoption Month – Get 30 Days’ Worth of Prayer Ideas

praying for adoptoinIn recognition of National Adoption Awareness Month, Lifetime encourages you to pray for those touched by adoption! We want to lift birth parents and adoptive families up with prayer so that they might meet in open adoption.

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to know exactly WHAT to pray for regarding adoption. So, Lifetime has put together a FREE download, packed with prayer ideas. This sweet download has 30 days’ worth of prayer inspiration and related Bible verses.

Just visit to request your free download. Or you can just click the image below:

click to get 30 days of prayer ideas!

We’ll just need your name and email address, and then the free download of 30 Days to Pray for Adoption is yours! We encourage you to share this adoption prayer download with your church group, Bible study, or with friends and family.

Here’s a sneak preview of some notable passages from 30 Days to Pray for Adoption:

For a pure heart and the right motivations as I pray for adoption in my life, or in the lives of others.
(Psalm 51:10)

For a content attitude, in every phase and through any circumstance that may come up through adoption.
(Philippians 4:11-13)

Give thanks for adoption this National Adoption Awareness Month! We hope that you’ll join Lifetime as we honor adoption through prayer. We celebrate birth mothers who make adoption possible, and adoptive parents who are blessed every day by adoption.

Get Creative Ideas on How to Celebrate Adoption Month

Did you know that November is National Adoption Awareness Month? This national holiday began in 1984 when President Reagan introduced a national adoption week. Then, President Clinton expanded the week to include the entire month of November in 1995. Lifetime hopes that you’ll join us in celebrating National Adoption Month!

We’ve designed a charming calendar for the month of November 2017, and it’s full of ideas on how you can celebrate adoption. There’s an idea for each of the 30 days in the month! Read on to discover how you can download this calendar for free.

Celebrating National Adoption Month

We’re offering an adorable download to our blog audience, to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month! Our sweet National Adoption Awareness Month 2017 calendar has an action plan for every day of the month. Simply give us your name and email address on this short form to download your calendar today!

Our adoption month calendar includes important adoption websites and social media pages. It also has holidays like Thanksgiving, World Adoption Day, and National Adoption Day. Download our calendar to get ideas on how you can recognize adoption this National Adoption Awareness Month.

It’s completely hassle-free to download our National Adoption Awareness Month calendar! You can download the cute calendar and print it out to hang at your desk or on your fridge. Or, pull up the calendar on your smartphone to access on-the-go! Access your free download by visiting

What NOT to Say to Adoptive Families

how to handle rude adoption remarks and questionsWhen people ask rude questions and make remarks to adoptive families, they may be oblivious as to how they’re coming off. Maybe, they are just uninformed about how open adoption looks today. But that doesn’t mean their comments don’t sting. Today, we’re sharing witty answers to a few of the most shocking questions that adoptive families face:

“How could his ‘real parents’ give him up?”

For most birth parents, the reasons why they chose adoption are complex, from extreme poverty to a personal tragedy. And even if we know why our child’s birth family decided on adoption, we’re not going to just share with any random stranger out there. It’s a private and personal story, between my child’s birth family and my child. AND, my child has two sets of “real parents.” Calling their birth parents “real parents” implies that we’re something less.

“How much did she cost?”
The fact is, no baby joins a family for free. Just think about those big hospital bills! When we adopted, we also paid for services provided, except our “midwives” were adoption professionals, social workers, and adoption attorneys. So that was where all those adoption fees were for: for services provided, not for our baby.

“I’m sorry you weren’t able to have one ‘of your own’.”
Saying this assumes that adoption is a last-resort means of creating a family. This definitely isn’t the case! Our child is as much “our own” as any biological child.

Have you ever gotten a rude question like this? If so, how did you handle it? Share with our audience by leaving a comment below, please!

Adoption, Abortion, or Parenting…What’s Right for You?

Is Adoption, Abortion, or Parenting right for you?Every day, millions of women discover they’re pregnant. Some women are happy and excited to be pregnant, but others will not be. These women face a life-changing and important decision. Will adoption, abortion, or parenting be the right choice?

Every woman has pregnancy choices, whether they became pregnant on purpose or not. Know that no matter what your situation is, the options are still there: adoption, abortion, or parenting. The reality is this: the only person who can decide what’s best for you and your child is YOU.

Choosing abortion may create feelings of guilt or shame. Also, abortion is pretty expensive: according to Planned Parenthood, it costs up to $1,500 in the first trimester. The costs usually depend upon how far along you are and the insurance you have. It’s a decision that can’t be reversed.

Another option for you is to become a parent and to raise your baby. Of all of the three pregnancy choices, this the most expensive one. You’ll have the financial responsibility of a child placed on you. You’ll have a child relying on you for everything that they need until adulthood. Parenting does come with many positives, such as the opportunity to care for and love a child of your own, and to help him or her to grow into a positive member of society. You’ll be a major part of your child’s life. Parenting isn’t an irreversible decision. You might decide to parent right away, but discover it’s not working and choose adoption.

Adoption is one of the most flexible choices for your unplanned pregnancy. With adoption, you’ll be making a personal sacrifice by placing your child in the care of another family. There are many types of adoption, some which will allow you to be a part of the child’s life and some which will allow you to continue your life without that child. It’s up to you which type of adoption is best for you and your child. Adoption doesn’t come with any costs; you’re able to get help with pregnancy-related expenses. Plus, your life as you know it doesn’t have to stop since you won’t be the primary caregiver for a child. The biggest benefit of all is that your child will be given the best life possible by a family that loves him or her unconditionally.

To find out more about adoption as an option, just call or text us at 1-877-383-6847 at any time!

Adoption Jewelry Makes a Fabulous Christmas Gift!

adoption jewelryJust in time for your Christmas gift shopping, Adoption Prayer Bracelet is offering FREE Priority shipping on any purchase of their adoption jewelry!

Remember your prayer partners too! Save when you buy two or more bracelets at a time.

Adoption Prayer Bracelets make a beautiful keepsake. Each purchase gives back to women who have lovingly chosen adoption for a child. Proceeds benefit the Lifetime Adoption Foundation, which helps adoptive families with adoption grants and provides support to birth mothers during and after the adoption process.

To get FREE Priority shipping, just enter the promo code HOLIDAY when you check out! Shop now to get your bracelets in time for Christmas!

Happy 4th of July

independence day post_2016

We hope that you have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Lifetime Adoption’s staff remains available 24/7 through the 4th for women who are considering adoption or moving through an adoption match.

Lifetime is also here to help adoptive parents who are matched and have an important update that can’t wait until we return to the office on Tuesday.

Using Positive Adoption Language

PicMonkey-Collage5-300x300The words we select and how we say them shows what we value and how we think. By using positive adoption language, we’re showing that we value adoption as a way to start a family. It shows we value it just as much as a family create biologically.

If you’re able to use positive adoption language in conversations, you’ll help reduce adoption stereotypes and educating others. Also, it’ll allow you can reveal adoption as it truly is, free from any bad connotations.

Below is a handy chart showing examples of negative language, and what to say instead:

Negative Positive
Real parent or natural parent Birth parent or biological parent
Sperm donor Biological father
Own child Birth child
My adopted child, my own child My child
Hard-to-place child, handicapped child Child with special needs
Is adopted Was adopted
Give up, give away, surrender, relinquish the child Make an adoption plan, choose adoption
Adoptable child, free child, available child Waiting child
Track down parents, reunion Search, locate, make contact with
Give up Terminate parental rights
The placement The adoption

Please feel free to share this chart with anyone you who could use some adoption education.

Are you hoping to adopt a baby or child? Or maybe you’re pregnant and considering adoption for your baby. Please call Lifetime Adoption at 1-877-383-6847 or email us.

Celebrate Adoption!

A wonderful way to celebrate adoption this National Adoption Awareness Month is to show adoption books in your library!

Make a suggestion to your library to feature books about adoption in a display or table for easy access during Adoption Awareness Month. The books could be for adults or children and offer information about all types of adoption. Below is a photo of an example adoption book display. It’s showing currently at a library near Lifetime’s main office in Northern California.

celebrate adoption

Here are some ideas of adoption books that you could ask your library to display:

  • gives readers practical, easy-to-follow guidelines about adopting a child. This book tells you what you’ll need to know, whether you’re seeking a domestic adoption or international adoption.
  • Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide: answers adoption questions commonly asked by hopeful adoptive parents. Included inside is Lifetime Adoption’s Founder Mardie’s expert advice, resources, and tips from her years of experience in the field of adoption.
  • The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Adoption: educates healthcare workers on how to best assist women facing an unplanned pregnancy. It also contains information on what to do when a woman is admitted to the hospital with an adoption plan in place, or with hopes to create one.
  • Called to Adoption: for Christians feeling the Lord leading them to learn more about adoption. The book allows Christians to learn more about the miracle of families created through adoption.
  • So I Was Thinking About Adoption: for women who are considering adoption of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. It provides a handy guide to the ins and outs of making an adoption for your baby or child.