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When is it Too Early or Too Late to do Adoption?

Lifetime has been asked many different questions about when’s the right time to make an adoption plan. The truth is, it’s never too late or too early to look into adoption for your baby! Here are some answers to common questions women ask when they’re thinking about adoption early in their pregnancy as well as late in their pregnancy:
“I’m not that far along in my pregnancy – when can I choose adoption?”
“I’m not that far along in my pregnancy – when can I choose adoption?”If you’ve just learned that you’re pregnant or aren’t that far along, know that you can start the adoption process now. Most women aren’t 100% sure adoption is right for their situation when they call Lifetime. You don’t have to be committed to adoption before you contact us.
Contacting Lifetime early in your pregnancy gives you more time to learn about the adoption process, get emotional and financial support, and search for the right adoptive family for your baby. Contacting us doesn’t force you to choose adoption: you have the right to change your mind at any time until the legal paperwork has gone through.
“My due date is coming up quickly! – when is it too late to find adoptive parents for my baby?”
“My due date is coming up quickly! – when is it too late to find adoptive parents for my baby?”Choosing adoption isn’t an easy decision to arrive at. Some women don’t contact Lifetime to learn about adoption until the final weeks or days of their pregnancy. We have women call us from the hospital in the beginning stages of labor, more often than you’d think! If your due date is near, you might be wondering, “Is it too late to give my baby up for adoption?”
It’s never too late to choose adoption. You can even make an adoption plan after trying to parent your baby. Lifetime can help you begin the adoption quickly if that’s what you’d like. Within a matter of hours, we can have the adoptive parents you select there at the hospital waiting room while you deliver.
No matter how far along you are, you’ll have the chance to review and get to know a pre-screened adoptive couple. They’re ready and excited to commit to you and your baby. In many cases, the adoptive parents can cover your medical, counseling, and living costs.

Learn more about how to get started with your modern adoption plan by calling or texting Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784 today!

Learn More About Domestic Adoption Through Free Online Webinars

did you know that you can learn about domestic adoption through free, online webinars?Each year, prospective adoptive families across the US make the life-changing and exciting decision to adopt a child. Yet, many people think an international adoption will happen more quickly and easily than a domestic adoption. That’s just due to a popular myth that says it will be difficult to adopt a baby in the United States.

Lifetime Adoption has been providing adoption services to adoptive parents and birth parents since 1986. We also educate about modern adoption and open adoption, so that light can be shed on adoption myths. Our free online webinars can be accessed by anyone who’s interested.

Our free, online adoption webinars provide information on the adoption process, what open adoption looks like, and gives adoption tips. Head over to to start watching and listening to this FREE adoption resource! Each of our webinars feature expert answers and insights from people recently touched by adoption.

Lifetime focuses on each part of the “adoption triad”-the adoptee, birth mother, and adoptive parents. We assist women thinking about adoption for their baby with finding medical care, supportive counseling, and financial help. Prospective adoptive parents are guided through the open adoption process, which includes the home study, legal process, and creating their own adoption profile to present to birth mothers. We also help adoptive couples discover how to afford adoption, through adoption financing, adoption loans, adoption grants, and fundraising.

Subscribe to our free online adoption webinars at today, so you can learn the important details you’ll need to know as you travel the path to adoption! When you subscribe, you’ll get exclusive access to webinar replays AND to invites to new LIVE webinars directly to your email.

Open Adoption from an Adoptee’s Perspective

adoptee shares her storyToday, Adoption Agency Florida has a guest post from an adoptee who shares her open adoption story:

“My birth mom made one of the hardest choices a parent can make—she put me up for adoption. I was adopted into a loving and wonderful family in California just a few days after I was born. I’m so grateful that my mom chose life!

I’ve never felt like I was missing anything from my life. My adoptive parents were very open with me from a young age about adoption. And, I’ve had visits with my birth mother since I was a year old. So, I’ve always known I was adopted, but it didn’t bother me. It’s just a part of my life. Other people have been curious about my adoption, though, and have asked awkward questions like ‘where’s your REAL mom?’

Domestic adoption is one of the most popular types of adoption today. But, there are still tons of negative stereotypes about birth mothers. The most damaging ones are of birth mothers heartlessly “giving up” their baby or child. The truth is, most of them, like my birth mom, made the most selfless and loving choice that they could make. Birth mothers make a huge sacrifice for the benefit of their child. She is able to give life to her baby, and also to a couple who are filled with love and hope for a child.

Being an adopted child, I’ll be forever grateful for both my birth mom and the parents who adopted me. Thousands of adoptees are out there, thankful that we got the chance to live because two families made a remarkable decision. I am one of the blessed ones. I hope to keep sharing my adoption story so that others can also get this opportunity.”

Are you thinking about adoption for your baby or child? You can learn the steps needed to get started with an adoption plan by calling or texting us at 1-800-923-6784.

We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas!

Image copyright Catherine Lane 2015

“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins. All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”). When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. But he did not consummate their marriage until she gave birth to a son. And he gave him the name Jesus.”

Matthew 1: 21-25

As we observe and rejoice during the Christmas season, our wish is that you remain thankful for the greatest gift of all, the birth of our Savior. May God bless your loved ones at Christmas and during the new year!

Adoption Agency Florida is going to stay available throughout the holiday weekend to help women who are thinking about adoption for their child. We’re also available to adoptive families who are working on an adoption match and have an important update. You can contact us by calling or texting Adoption Agency Florida at 1-800-923-6784.

Celebrate Adoption!

A wonderful way to celebrate adoption this National Adoption Awareness Month is to show adoption books in your library!

Make a suggestion to your library to feature books about adoption in a display or table for easy access during Adoption Awareness Month. The books could be for adults or children and offer information about all types of adoption. Below is a photo of an example adoption book display. It’s showing currently at a library near Lifetime’s main office in Northern California.

celebrate adoption

Here are some ideas of adoption books that you could ask your library to display:

  • gives readers practical, easy-to-follow guidelines about adopting a child. This book tells you what you’ll need to know, whether you’re seeking a domestic adoption or international adoption.
  • Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide: answers adoption questions commonly asked by hopeful adoptive parents. Included inside is Lifetime Adoption’s Founder Mardie’s expert advice, resources, and tips from her years of experience in the field of adoption.
  • The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Adoption: educates healthcare workers on how to best assist women facing an unplanned pregnancy. It also contains information on what to do when a woman is admitted to the hospital with an adoption plan in place, or with hopes to create one.
  • Called to Adoption: for Christians feeling the Lord leading them to learn more about adoption. The book allows Christians to learn more about the miracle of families created through adoption.
  • So I Was Thinking About Adoption: for women who are considering adoption of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. It provides a handy guide to the ins and outs of making an adoption for your baby or child.


National Adoption Awareness Month is November!

Across the United States, National Adoption Awareness Month is celebrated in November. As we honor open adoption this month, we wanted to share this great quote about the blessing of open adoption with you:

National Adoption Awareness Month

You can share with friends and family how marvelous open adoption is by sharing the below video with them. It features the adoption stories of birth mothers and adoptive families who have worked with Lifetime:

The video highlights how Lifetime Adoption connects birth mothers and families ready to adopt. Lifetime’s caring professionals help pregnant women consider their options, and provides adoptive couples with a vast array of adoption services.

There are many ways to recognize adoption this month. Others have donated to adoption non-profits, read adoption stories, and asked their library to show adoption books. Learning about positive adoption language and then sharing your knowledge with others is also a good idea. It’ll help end the myth that adoption is second best. By using positive adoption language, you’ll reflect the true nature of adoption, free of stereotypes.

You can find tons of ideas on how to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month at this website:

Marry My Baby’s Dad?

birth parents unhappyQuestion: My baby’s dad and I were dating for about year when we found out I was pregnant. But, I’ve never felt like I love him. My friends and family say that we should get married and raise our child together. But I’ve been thinking I want to adopt out my baby. What should we do??!

Answer: First, you’ll need to think about whether you’re willing to have a marriage that is unstable from the beginning. When you marry for the wrong reason, the odds are against you. One way to give your child the best chance to be raised in a loving and secure home is with adoptive family. This will also give you fresh start. An adoptive couple can provide for and give your child a good role model of what a healthy marriage and family is all about. This will give your child a healthy self-image. And, he or she can be raised to know you loved them so much you wanted the very best life for them.

Statistics show that couples who get married because the woman is pregnant have a greater chance of failure than in a relationship that has had time to naturally develop over time. When you decide to marry, it should be because you both love each other so much you want to be together. The time to get married must be right. Marry a man who’s responsible, ready to settle down, and ready to provide for his family. Ask yourself: will your baby’s dad be a good role model for your child? If your baby will be a boy, do you want him to turn out like his dad? Are both of you ready to make the needed sacrifices to give a secure family life for your child? If not, it’s smart to think about adoption.

Allow yourself time to decide what you want from life before you add the commitment of parenting. If you and your baby’s dad aren’t ready to be parents, don’t sacrifice your child’s life.

Paula’s Adoption Story

Adoption story from Paula

When you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption for your baby, it helps to hear from women who’ve been where you are now. Here’s Paula’s adoption story:

“One day I discovered I was pregnant and facing the most difficult decision of my life. My thoughts changed overnight with the realization of the life that grew inside of me. As my pregnancy progressed, I had to decide if my current situation was best for my child, or if there were ways to make my circumstances work out for a child. I thought the realities of single parenthood would not be fair to my child.

When I went to my next doctor’s appointment I saw a brochure about adoption in the waiting room. I began to see adoption as a way I could provide my daughter with parents who could raise her with every opportunity and stability I couldn’t offer yet. After many hours of prayer and soul-searching, I decided to make an adoption plan for my baby.

I took the time to research prospective families with Lifetime Adoption Center and found a family whom I truly loved. Finding them made me more sure about my decision. I wanted them involved in my pregnancy and I had chosen my baby’s adoptive mother to be my labor partner. She went to every doctor’s appointment with me and we would get breakfast afterward. During this time spent together we got to know one another very well and became good friends. I felt that it was important to spend the time and effort to get to know my child’s adoptive parents.

A few months later I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. The time spent in the hospital was precious; together with my daughter’s parents, I was able to care for her. We spent two days in the hospital sharing with friends and family the beautiful life that I had created. It was a time of love and laughter. Emotions ran high in those few hours, but the one that was most present was LOVE!

After we parted and went home, I with my family and my daughter with hers, I knew that my daughter would loved and cared for in every way. I love my daughter with all my heart, and because of that love I was able to give her everything I had always wanted for her. I know that open adoption was the very best plan for my daughter, Alexandra.

Today I am able to share my story with others with the hope of educating as many people as possible about the benefits of open adoption. As a birth mother, I will never have to hide behind a veil of secrecy, and I will always know how my daughter is doing. I do wish I had been in a position to parent her myself, but I am so very excited for the life she will be able to lead due to open adoption. Each and every day I think of my daughter and know that she is loved, safe, and thriving in her family.

I can see from the photos and letters that her adoptive parents regularly send me that she is growing into a lovely young girl. The relationship that my daughter’s adoptive parents and I share is one I know will last a lifetime.”

Paula’s story can be found in the book So I Was Thinking About Adoption. Get yourself a copy (for FREE!) by visiting If you have questions about doing adoption or if you’d like to explore it further, please call us at 1-877-383-6847.

Update from a Woman Who Chose Adoption

writing emailWe just received an update from a woman who recently decided to make an adoption plan for her daughter. We’re sharing it here, so that you may see how an adoption evolves:

Hi Deena,

My cell phone is now active if the adoptive mom Megan wants to call me tomorrow. Thank you for being patient with me, when I left the hospital I felt at peace with my decision. I held the baby and said goodbye before she went to live her life with her new family. I am thankful for Chris and Megan, because any other couple I may not have adored, the first time I spoke with Megan, I felt as if I knew her forever. They were warm, kind, and funny, I went with my gut feeling and I said a prayer months ago. I love them because they are a part of her. Her life will be full of love, she will see the love that they have for each other and it will mirror on her.

I know that God sent her here for them, just on a different vessel. I think I had peace with my decision also because in such a short time she followed Chris and Megan’s voices. What a wonderful feeling that was for me to see how much she loved them in the short amount of time she spent with them. That’s how I KNEW, I felt so happy to be able to give them the one thing missing in their lives.

I also have to thank Lifetime and you because we never would have found each other if it wasn’t for your hard work and Lifetime’s great website. Deena, you were patient with me although you only had two weeks to pull this adoption plan together.



Open Adoption: A Selfless Birthmother

You’ve been an amazing help and resource for me during this very bitter-sweet moment in my life! You and everyone at Lifetime Adoption are amazing and make everything easier. I’ll never forget the support you and Lifetime have given me.
-One of Lifetime’s birthmothers
Lifetime has been blessed with great birthmothers. Thank you to Open Adoption Open Heart for sharing this beautiful quote about birthmothers.