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Wondering What It’s Like to Be Adopted?

Alexa was adopted 18 years agoAs you think about adoption for your baby (or child) have you ever wondered what it’s like to be adopted?

Many women have shared with us “I’m worried that my child will hate me later on for choosing adoption!”

Alexa is an adoptee who was adopted a birth 18 years ago through Lifetime. She wanted to share her story, because she is grateful to her birth mother for choosing adoption and wishes she knew more about her.

In the video below, she answers many of the questions women have when thinking about adoption, like:

  • Will my child hate me for choosing adoption?
  • How will my child feel growing up adopted?
  • What does my child want to know about me?
  • Will my child understand?

In this video, Alexa shares her story. You can click on the image below to watch the video, or follow this link:

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We’re here to give you info and resources as you think about adoption. We’re just a phone call or text away, at 1-800-923-6784.

Freedom to Choose What’s Best for Your Baby

adoption may be what's best for you and your babyAdoption is a loving and thoughtful decision, which pregnant women and moms make in the best interest of their child. Each woman faces her own unique goals, circumstances, and limitations, in addition to the hopes she has for her child’s life.

At Lifetime, we believe that women should never be pressured to parent OR place her baby, rather encouraged to make a healthy plan for the child’s future, as well as her own.

If you’re thinking about adoption, know that you have a voice in every part of the adoption process. Here are just a few of the many choices you have with modern adoption:

  • Pick your baby’s adoptive parents from dozens of families, of all races, ready to adopt, if you’d like.
  • Get to know the adoptive family you’ve selected before the adoption if desired.
  • Plan how things will go at the hospital when your baby is born.
  • Customize how you want to keep in touch with your child and the adoptive parents after the adoption takes place.
  • Get access to free licensed counseling, qualified legal assistance, and support before and after the adoption.

Adoption help is just a phone call or text message away: