Our Adoption Professionals


Meet Our Adoption Professionals


Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., President

Mardie Caldwell, President Mardie is the President and Founder of Lifetime Adoption Inc. As an adoptive mother, adoption has been her passion for most of her life.

Mardie has acquired the status of adoption expert from her years of experience in the field of domestic adoption. She has also earned the title of C.O.A.P., Certified Open Adoption Practitioner.

Mardie has penned five books about the subject of adoption: Adopting Online, Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide, So I Was Thinking About AdoptionThe Healthcare Professional’s Adoption Guide, and Called to Adoption.

As an adoption expert, she’s made a multitude of media appearances, including: Larry King Live, The Ricki Lake Show, Marie Osmond’s show “Marie”, ABC News, NBC’s The Today Show, CNN Headline News, CNN’s The Campbell Brown Show, CBS News, NBC News, KGO Newstalk Radio, CNN’s Black in America II, MSNBC, Fox, PBS, BBC, and Dr. Laura.


Linda Rotz, Director

Linda Rotz DirectorI have worked in the field of adoptions for 12 years, within the child welfare/ foster care system in Florida and have been involved in writing adoption procedures and trainings in this state.  I have degrees in Mass Communications, Human Development and minor in Management with a focus in marketing.  I am a certified case management supervisor and certified adoption specialist in the state of Florida.

My work entails overseeing the operations of the office, assisting in creating policies and procedures in accordance with Florida laws, outreach and maintaining connections in the community, working with biological moms to help make their pregnancy option a healthy experience for her, assist in working with prospective adoptive families through the process, assigning and or completing adoptive home studies for Florida.

I enjoy working with people and helping people connect and watching people succeed.  I am often called “the connector” or “the cheerleader”.

In my spare time it’s mostly about spending time with my family.   We love boating around the area and just being together.   On weekends you might find me scrounging through a thrift store to do some re-decorating or strolling through a craft show.  I love to read and also make quilts and have been known to work through the night if I’m on a roll.  I also like to support young musicians in the area;  I just love it.

On a serious note I also spend time working within the addiction and recovery community.  I do presentations at schools and at various rehabs and also support and council many young people struggling to be in recovery.  I am very passionate about this.


Tiffany Bayless, Adoption Support Coordinator

tiffany bayless, agencyI started my career in adoption about four years ago. My previous experience was in an adoption law firm. Now, I feel blessed to be part of the Lifetime team. Helping birth mothers and adoptive families is truly a passion of mine. It makes me very happy to know I can help birth mothers with their adoption plan and be a support system to them.

Connecting birth mothers with their adoptive family is an amazing feeling! After having three beautiful daughters, I realized that children are truly the best gift in life. I knew in my heart that helping others achieve this gift was my calling God set for me. I absolutely love my job as an Adoption Coordinator. I look forward to making many more happy memories with birth mothers and adoptive families!


Natalie LaBelle, Adoptive Family Coordinator

natalie3I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Lifetime family as an Adoptive Family Coordinator. I love helping people and being able to help families build their families is truly a blessing! My life, as an adoptee, has recently come full circle, meaning that I have both my family and my birth family in my life. This gives me a unique perspective working in the adoption field. I understand exactly what emotions may arise for adoptive families, their adopted children; including trans-racial adoptions, and also empathize with what birth parents go through when they make this most unselfish choice. Nothing is more exciting than helping a match take place and witnessing prayers being answered.

In my spare time you can find me with my family, playing with my dogs and horses, relaxing on the beach, riding my bike along the bay, kayaking, or watching movies on a rainy day. I love the outdoors and staying active. I also enjoy dining at new restaurants.

I have a saying that says “I get a triple dose of Love,” because I was given the gift of a loving life, from my loving birth mom, my loving adoptive family, and my loving God. “