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7 Things to Know About Your Unplanned Pregnancy

positive pregnancy test? here's what you should know!Lots of us have been there: standing in line to pay for a pregnancy test. It doesn’t matter if the test is for a friend or a “friend,” it’s as if you can feel the panic in the air.

If you’ve just gotten a positive pregnancy test, you might be freaking out. Nothing in makes sense, and it’s like your stomach has fallen to your feet. You wake up the next few mornings with anxiety, realizing it wasn’t all a dream and you’re actually pregnant.

Here are 7 things to be aware of about your unplanned pregnancy:

1. It’s fine to be scared
The fact that you’re freaking out makes you human. It doesn’t matter if you’re 17, 27, or 37: an unplanned pregnancy is a shock. It’s also OK to be angry or sad. You might be sad for a version of your life that you’ll have to let go of. Know that no matter how you’re feeling, it’s okay. If you don’t allow yourself to feel these emotions now, they’ll eat you alive.

2. Nobody can tell you what to do
Lots of people might give you their opinions. But nobody can tell you how your decision will affect your life. No matter how many Google searches you do, it won’t predict your future. So try to cut through all the noise in your ears. Your heart knows which choice is best for you.

3. You’re not totally alone
Facing an unplanned pregnancy might make you feel alone, but that’s far from the truth. Nearly 50% of women in the U.S. will face an unplanned pregnancy by the time they’re 45 (source: the Guttmacher Institute). The reality is that there are tons of women who know how you feel because they’ve been there themselves.

4. Avoid using fear or anger to make a decision
While the emotions you’re feeling are real and OK, they might be getting in the way of your thinking. Once you’re calm, you’ll be best able to make a decision. Then, consider if the reason for your choice is love or fear.

5. Get a support system
This can be difficult to find, especially if you’re thinking about adoption. It will be an important part of moving forward. You might find a support system online if no one in your life has your back.

Lifetime has peer counselors that you can talk with. They’re women who’ve been where you are now and want to hear you out and give advice if you’re open to it. Just call us at 1-800-923-6784 if you’d like to talk or text with a birth mom.

6. You’re more than a statistic
Feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or even disappointed in yourself is normal. But we want you to know that you’re so much more than a just a statistic. An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to define you; it doesn’t make you stupid or irresponsible.

7. You can choose adoption anytime
You don’t have to make an adoption plan while you’re pregnant. Lifetime helps lots of women with adoption after their baby’s been born and when their child is a few years old. We’re not here to pressure you or rush you into a decision. Call Lifetime whenever you’re ready to learn more: 1-800-923-6784.

Adoption as a Solution to Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoption can be a great solution to an unplanned pregnancy...If you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and don’t feel prepared to raise a child, adoption is a realistic alternative. Adoptions today are done very differently than in years past.
Today, in what’s called an “open adoption,” you’re empowered and respected. You have the right to choose the parents you want for your child. Lifetime Adoption Agency Florida will send you profiles made by the hopeful adoptive parents. In the profile, they share about their lives, careers, where they live, and other facts. We encourage you to interview your top three picks over the phone, and in person if possible.
You’ll get to know the adoptive family better throughout your pregnancy. The amount of contact you’d like to have after the adoption happens is talked about and agreed on. Some birth mothers like to stay in touch with the adoptive family and their child through email and social media sites like Facebook. Others choose to have in-person visits once a year. It’s all up to you!
When they first hear about adoption, some women say, “I could never give my baby up for adoption.” But open adoption today really isn’t about a decision to “give my baby away.” It’s about making a mature decision if you realize that you wouldn’t be able to give your child everything you want to.
Maybe now isn’t the right time to parent. That’s a hard realization to come to, and so we encourage you to take advantage of the counseling we make available. You can talk to a licensed third-party therapist, and you can talk to a birth mother: someone who’s been where you are now and ended up choosing adoption for her child.

If you’d like info on how to get started with open adoption, you can call or text our 24-hour adoption answer line at 1-800-923-6784.

Why I Put My Baby Up for Adoption: Kristina Shares Her Story

Kristina shares, "Here's why I put my baby up for adoption"After I got a positive pregnancy test, my mom and ex-boyfriend (who by the way wasn’t the baby’s father) told me I should put my baby up for adoption. I was completely stressed out but thought about adoption for a few months. Sooner or later, I came to accept the decision of adoption. Here’s why I put my baby up for adoption: if the biological dad was to be a part of my son’s life, he would have been exposed to drugs, guns, and other dangers, and I just couldn’t see putting my baby through all that.

At the time, my ex-boyfriend and I already were taking care of our five-year-old daughter. She asked me several times why we couldn’t keep the baby. I explained things to her in a way she’d understand, and was very open with her. She agreed, and I told her that open adoption meant we’d be in touch with his family, and we’d get to see him once in awhile.

At first, I was really upset at my ex-boyfriend and my mom for telling me I couldn’t keep my baby. But once I came to the same decision, I knew where they were coming from. My adoption coordinator never once judged me. She presented all my choices to me, and lots of resources. Adoption Agency Florida also gave me free counseling, and connected me with a woman who’d done adoption years ago for her daughter.

She also sent me about 20 adoptive family profiles that matched what I was looking for: a young Christian couple who already had kids. I wanted my son to grow up with siblings like I did, and be brought up in the Christian way. My daughter also looked through the profiles, and we chose the same couple! They were exactly what I was looking for!

When it was time for the adoptive couple to take the baby back to their hotel room, all of us were just crying. I knew this would be the most difficult thing I would ever do in life, but I also felt I owed it to my baby, my daughter, and myself. Sitting in my hospital bed, I lifted up my baby and said to the couple, “I don’t think I need to tell you to love her.”

I don’t regret my decision at all because I can’t give my son the life he deserves. It wasn’t his fault he was conceived, so why should he pay the price?