Hopeful adoptive parents Brian and Kaitlin in OregonI recently had the chance to chat with hopeful adoptive parents Brian and Kaitlin from Oregon. Before making a decision about adoption, you can speak with several hopeful adoptive parents. Sometimes, it’s nice to just get a bit more info to understand who they are and what they’re about.
I asked Brian and Kaitlin some fun questions that you won’t find in their adoption profile. I learned that they’re an energetic, fun-loving couple who are so excited to become parents through adoption!

1. What is your favorite thing to cook or eat?

Brian: My favorite thing to cook and eat is pizza! I love making the dough from scratch, rolling it out with maybe a small toss in the air or two, cooking up the sauce, applying all the various toppings, and baking it up to enjoy. We often invite family and friends over for pizza night. I dream of one day having an outdoor pizza oven.
Hopeful adoptive dad Brian cutting up vegetables for dinnerI began to fall in love with cooking when I was in high school when my mom went back to work in the evenings. My dad and I were then on our own for dinner and, after a while, got tired of mac & cheese and hamburgers! So we began trying new things. Homemade pizza was always one of my favorites because I got to create it just how I liked it. Ever since those days I’ve loved to cook, and especially loved making pizza!
Kaitlin: Pasta…because it’s easy and yummy!

2. What did you want to be when you were a kid? Why?

Brian: I wanted to be a shovel operator for a logging company. A shovel operator is a person who loads the logs on a log truck. I wanted to be a shovel operator because my dad (and grandfather and great grandfather) was a log truck driver, and my dream was to be the one who loaded his truck.
Kaitlin: I wanted to be many things: a writer, a waitress, a secretary. I am not sure what inspired me to be those things!
Brian and Kaitlin in matching plaid outfits for Christmas

3. What is your favorite holiday and why?

Kaitlin: My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love everything about it. Growing up, Christmas was a magical time of tradition and family. The dark evenings were lit up by twinkling lights all over the house.
It was always a special family event to get the tree. My dad would set it up, and my sisters, mom, and I would decorate it while listening to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music while drinking hot chocolate.
On December evenings, we would gather around the piano and sing through our book of Christmas carols. We would attend a candlelight service on Christmas Eve, followed by a drive around town to see the lights. Then home, we went to read the Christmas story and open our stockings. We always found a new ornament for the tree in our stocking, and I would look forward to seeing what mine would be. That magic of Christmas has never left, and it remains my favorite holiday.
Brian: I love Thanksgiving! I really enjoy spending the day with family and eating all the delicious food. Both Kaitlin’s family and mine come over to our home and spend the day together. Everyone contributes to the Thanksgiving meal, bringing their favorite dishes, while I cook the turkey.
We play board games after dinner. Football is always on TV in the background. Stories are told, and memories shared, all without the pressures and demands of Christmas. It’s a great relaxed day with the people we love the most.

4. What is a challenge you are proud to have overcome? What advice would you give others struggling with something similar?

Kaitlin poses in her uniform as a volunteer EMT workerKaitlin: Passing my EMT certification has been my greatest accomplishment. It was a time-consuming, challenging course that left me feeling proud to have passed and nervous with the weight of responsibility. For anyone facing challenging school, I would say, don’t give up. It is worth it in the end!
Brian: Coming from a hard-working, blue-collar family, the dream that I had in high school of going to college seemed impossible, knowing that my parents wouldn’t be able to contribute to my educational fund. I was a good but not great student in high school so academic scholarships were not on the table either.
After talking to a counselor at school, I enrolled in community college and began to chip away at my classes at an affordable price while working full time. It took me longer than most to complete my degree, eight years instead of four, but I accomplished my goal. I had to work hard at my job. I had to work hard at my schooling. However, it was a sweet reward to receive my Bachelor’s degree on my own, paying for it ask myself.
On top of that, a few years later, I was able to go back to college and get my Master’s degree in 2 years, this time even earning High Honors. For a kid from a logging family in a small town who didn’t always get the best grades, it is one of the things I’m most proud of accomplishing.
I would encourage anyone who has a similar dream, or any dream really, to pursue it with hard work and commitment regardless of the time it takes to accomplish it. In the end, when you have realized your dream, you won’t care if it took you some extra time to achieve. It will have been worth every minute, penny, and drop of sweat.

5. What is something from your childhood that you want to make sure your child has or gets to experience?

Brian: I was able to spend a lot of time with my family in nature. Both my grandparents and my parents loved camping and being outdoors. Most of our vacations were either in the mountains or at the beach. Spending time together outside was very important to us. We enjoyed activities like riding ATVs, backpacking, fishing, and sightseeing.
Brian and Kaitlin taking their dogs for a walkI have so many incredible memories of these times with my family. I would love to create memories like these with my children!
Kaitlin: I grew up on 65 acres of forest and trails. My sister and I spent every day playing in the woods, tromping through mud puddles, and building forts. I loved the freedom of being outside exploring and hope my child gets to experience the same!

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Linda Rotz
Written by Linda Rotz

Linda Rotz, CWCM-S, CWCM-Trainer, ACC, is the Director of Adoption Services at Lifetime. Linda has worked in the field of adoption for 20 years within the child welfare/foster care system in Florida. She has degrees in Mass Communications and Human Development, and completed graduate studies in social work.

Due to her extensive expertise, Linda was called upon to write adoption procedures and training materials in Florida. She is certified as an Adoption Specialist, Child Welfare Case Manager Supervisor and Child Welfare Trainer in the state of Florida.