Massachusetts adoptive couple Osman and JacquelineOsman and Jacqueline are a loving and active East Coast couple who would love to become first-time parents through adopting a baby! They’ve taped a short and sweet adoption video to share about themselves as possible adoptive parents to your child.
Osman and Jacqueline enjoy running, renovating homes, visiting the beach near their home, and traveling to see family in California, Florida, and Guatemala. They look forward to sharing their enthusiasm for hard work, family, and farmland with your child. Osman and Jacqueline are so excited to share their lives with a child by adopting!

7 Reasons Why Osman and Jacqueline Will Be Wonderful Parents

Loving Massachusetts couple Osman and Jacqueline will make great parents1. Family-Focused
Osman and Jacqueline are very close to their extended family, and everyone is so excited for them to welcome a little one! They are blessed to have families living locally who will support and encourage them in this new stage of their lives. Jacqueline’s parents live right next door, and they both have two brothers who live close by as well.
They’re a loving, family-focused couple who wants to share their lives and home as parents. Says Emily and Jorge (Jacqueline’s brother), “We strongly believe that Osman and Jacqueline would provide a loving home for a child. They share values that will encourage a child to grow and thrive, becoming whatever they may set their minds to. They have open hearts ready to give love if given a chance to.”
2. Financial Stability
Osman is hardworking and down-to-earth and committed to providing for the family. He owns a plumbing and property management company. “He is a hard worker who owns his own plumbing business, and I love that we share the same determination and goals in life!” says Jacqueline.
Jacqueline is supportive and ambitious and works as a Restorative Dentist and Property Manager. “She is driven, ambitious, and is always expanding her knowledge of dentistry to advance her career,” says Osman. After taking parental leave for the first few month of your baby’s life, they plan to employ a full-time nanny to care for your child.
Osman and Jacqueline's four-bedroom Massachusetts home3. Their Home is Perfect for Kids
Osman and Jacqueline’s four-bedroom Massachusetts home sits on a quiet country road, and they have seven acres of land. There is plenty of space to grow and play inside their house, and they’re setting up an adorable gender-neutral nursery!
Their property is surrounded by horse ranches and is located seven minutes from the town center. Osman and Jacqueline enjoy locally grown organic food, fresh milk from local dairy farms, and fresh organic eggs.
4. Open to Future Contact
Osman and Jacqueline are easy to talk to and genuinely interested in getting to know the birth mother who chooses them for an adoption match. They care about birth mothers and recognize that it’s not just about the baby.
They are available at any time and will travel at a moment’s notice when your baby is born. Osman and Jacqueline are ready to welcome a baby boy or a baby girl into their loving home! They would like to have an open adoption relationship with you and would love to get to know you during your pregnancy. “We are open to sharing letters, photos, and visits with you if you wish!” say Osman and Jacqueline.
Osman and Jacqueline, future great parents, taking a stroll5. Family-Friendly Community
Osman and Jacqueline live a few minutes from the center of town, which has lots of great restaurants and shops. Nearby are hiking trails, lakes, small beaches, apple & peach orchards, and creameries with homemade ice cream. Their town is very family-friendly with lots of fun things to do!
6. Experience With Children
Although they will become first-time parents through adoption, Osman and Jacqueline have plenty of experience with kids. Says Katelynn and Liam, their niece and nephew, “Our Aunt Jacqueline always finds time to sit and talk to us. She is easy to talk to and listens to how we’re doing and what we’re interested in. She sets a good example for us by showing us that we can always achieve our goals if we try hard and persevere. Our Uncle Osman is very happy, enthusiastic, and is always willing to spend time with us. When together, he thinks of activities and games that make us feel included. Together, our Aunt Jacqueline and Uncle Osman are dedicated, inspiring, fun, and loving people who will be great parents!”
And Emily and Jorge, Jacqueline’s brother, say, “Jacqueline has always been a supportive sister and a good friend. Her dedication to family is one of the reasons we chose Jacqueline as Godmother to our son. I am very proud of the woman Jacqueline has become and the example she has set for our children!”
7. Home Study Approved
Osman and Jacqueline are ready and waiting to be chosen by you! They have had in-depth screenings, background checks and have had a social worker visit their home for what’s called a “home study.” The social worker is checking their home to make sure it’s a safe place to raise a child. The adoptive couple also undergoes a series of interviews with the social worker, who asks questions to make sure they’re fit to be parents.
Osman and Jacqueline are home study approved, which means they are ready to accept a match with you when you’re ready. They have done everything required to prove they are a safe, loving family ready to raise a child through adoption.
They have a sincere desire to adopt and feel strongly that they’ve been called to adopt a child for reasons bigger than they can understand. They will feel blessed to be chosen to adopt your baby!

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