Hopeful adoptive couple Jason and KaitlynMeet Jason and Kaitlyn, a young and active adoptive couple living in Oklahoma. Adoption has always been the way Jason and Kaitlyn wanted to grow their family, and so they’re so excited to adopt another child! When Jason and Kaitlyn found out they couldn’t have children biologically, they turned to adoption. In 2019, this young couple adopted their first child, a son named Julian.
Jason and Kaitlyn look forward to teaching their children how to play sports and enjoy the great outdoors. They’re open to staying in contact with you through letters, photos, and visits.
They created this short and sweet video to introduce themselves and share more about what they have to offer your child. Keep scrolling to learn more about this young, active couple in Oklahoma!
Jason is a natural gas compressor mechanic who works on semi-trucks and vehicles on the side. Kaitlyn works as a cosmetologist and is the Coordinator for CASA in their town. They can often be found walking their dogs, working a home-improvement project, or taking out the golf cart for a drive around the neighborhood. Jason and Kaitlyn’s families both live close by, so they’re able to spend a bunch of quality time together and enjoy camping trips at the family farm. They love to go golfing and take their son Julian along with them. Julian is a very sweet, busy little boy who enjoys being playing with the dogs.
Their three-bedroom home in Oklahoma is located in a safe small town. Jason and Kaitlyn’s home is large, so it’s perfect for family get-togethers. In their fenced-in backyard, their dogs Perry and Lady can often be found running around and playing. Near Jason and Kaitlyn’s house is a lake where they enjoy swimming, camping, and bringing their boat for some fishing. You can watch Jason and Kaitlyn’s adoptive family video right here to get a glimpse into their lives!


What Family & Friends Say About Jason and Kaitlyn

“Kaitlyn and Jason are wonderful people who have great morals and kind hearts. I have seen how they interact with my own children and they are compassionate, warm, and loving. Jason and Kaitlyn both spend time playing with them, and my children LOVE when they come over! They are good parents. I’ve seen how wonderful they are with their son, Julian, and are so respectful of his adoption story. I can’t wait to see them love another child, and the birth parent, like I’ve watched them do with their son, his birth family!” says Kaslin, a close friend.
And Terry and Kris, Kaitlyn’s parents, share: “Jason and Kaitlyn are very loving and kind people. They are very involved in family activities and also have a strong network of friends. Jason and Kaitlyn have opened their hearts and home to welcome children. They have high moral, spiritual, and personal standards. They are very compassionate and loving people with a zest for life. They are self-sufficient and stable in both their home and work environment. In our opinion, they would be GREAT parents and providers for your child. They have the means and abilities to provide for their spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs. Your child would be loved and supported by our entire family!”

Curious to know more about Jason and Kaitlyn? You can check out their website, which has more photos, info, and a video.

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