Discover why adopting out my baby was the right choice for me“Many people didn’t understand how I could think about placing my baby up for adoption. They said ‘I could not imagine thinking of adopting out my baby!!’ But beyond my wants, I knew that my baby boy deserved a stable, loving mother and father.

At first, no one understood why I would choose adoption. My mom said she’d help me parent and I could live at home. But I didn’t want that life for my baby. In the end, family and friends praised me for my decision because they realized it was made out of pure love for my child.

I thank God each day that I don’t have to visit the memory of an aborted baby, the grave of an innocent child. Yes, I grieve the loss of my child and it’s hard sometimes, but the joy far exceeds the sorrow. I rejoice in all he has gained through adoption! I can live with my decision…and so can my son! I have no regrets about choosing adoption.

Nowadays, I keep in touch with the adoptive family who adopted my son. They have a special Facebook profile set up just so that I can see photos, updates, and videos of my son as he grows up. And, we talk or text about every other month. My favorite month now is April: that’s when his birthday is, and when we visit in-person.”

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