Learn about the adoption counseling we offerAdoption is a major decision and most women thinking about it need all the support, listening, and answers they can get. Adoption Agency Florida offers third-party licensed counseling and peer support from birth mothers. These birth mothers have placed a child for adoption, so they know what you’re going through! They’re here to listen and help other women moving through adoption.

You may be worried about who’s on the other end of the line, and whether or not they’re in the best place to give you advice about your pregnancy choices. All of the coordinators at Adoption Agency Florida who answer the phone have helped many women talk through their options. Calls are totally confidential, and the coordinators are qualified to help you by listening carefully to your concerns, offering helpful resources to you, and making sure you know you aren’t alone. They’ll share with you where to find insurance and financial resources, free legal advice and scholarship opportunities.

The sooner you have all the info about adoption, the sooner you’ll feel self-assured that you’re making an informed choice that is right for you and your baby. Our caring Adoption Coordinators will connect you with licensed counseling and make peer counseling available to you.

Having an honest conversation with someone who won’t tell anyone else is priceless. Remember, your call to Adoption Agency Florida is confidential: the person on the phone won’t share your feelings or information with anyone else. You can trust that you’re safe, so try to be as honest and open as you can about your feelings and situation.

No matter if you’re still thinking about adoption, moving through the adoption process, or have already placed, licensed counseling and peer support are available to you!

Contact Adoption Agency Florida today to find out how you could connect with another birth parent that once was where you are today! Just call or text us at 1-800-923-6784.

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