Lifetime adoptive couple Luke and Lindsay with their childrenLifetime’s adoption agency in Florida loves it when we get to share updates from our adoptive couples who have been blessed by infant adoption!
Today, we’re sharing a sweet one from Luke and Lindsay, an adoptive couple living in Illinois. They adopted their son, Lincoln, through Lifetime three years ago. Upon bringing him home through domestic infant adoption in 2017, they emailed us, “We truly can’t believe he’s here…it still feels like a dream! So thankful to you all at Lifetime and to God for this journey!”
Here’s a recent email from Luke and Lindsay, another adoptive couple who’s expanded their family with the help of our Florida adoption agency!
Lincoln with his mom, Lindsay“We wanted to thank you all again for all the support, love, encouragement, and clarity in the chaos happening this time three years ago! The years have just flown by…we still can’t believe how much this little boy has overcome and accomplished.
I can’t help but think where my family would be if we hadn’t been led to Lifetime. Lincoln has been the greatest blessing to our family and brings so much joy (and noise ha!) to our home. He will be 3 this February, but I felt like it was just yesterday we were bringing him home.
He is best friends with his sister Hannah. The first thing they do when waking up is to find each other and share hugs in the morning. We never imagined how beautiful our story would unfold. We tried so many years to have children…never in a million years did we see being blessed with two amazing babies. God is so good!
We also exchange such sweet text messages with Lincoln’s birth mom. We text around holidays and send her photos every other month or two. It’s been such a sweet connection, being able to share his accomplishments and adorable smiles.
We love Lifetime with all our hearts…we are so grateful for Lifetime, and all the love and help you provided our family!”
adoptive mom Lindsay joyfully writes to Lifetime.
Lincoln and his sister Hannah

We’re so happy to see the joy in this update! Lifetime Adoption would love to help you adopt a baby, too. We offer comprehensive, nationwide adoption services and have helped many families find the child they’ve been hoping for through the miracle of adoption.

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