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Learn about our adoption agency in Florida's available adoption opportunities!When you’re thinking about infant adoption to grow your family, it’s normal to wonder about the babies available for adoption. In the adoption world, you may hear terms like “adoption opportunities” and “adoption situations.” Keep reading to find out if our adoption agency in Florida would be a good fit for your family!

It’s important to research domestic adoption before you dive in! Part of that research means finding out more about an adoption professional’s available adoption opportunities. When you’re seeking a newborn adoption, you’ll come across web pages which have info on birth mothers seeking adoptive families for their baby. Reading about them and about their available adoption opportunity will help you decide if the adoption professional’s right for you! Below, we’ve included info on just three of the many birth mothers that Lifetime Adoption Agency is working with right now:

We’re searching for an adoptive family to adopt a Caucasian six-month-old baby boy. His birth mother is struggling to provide for her son and is hopeful to find a loving, financially stable couple who currently have adopted children. She works full time but is having a hard time providing the things he needs and she feels he deserves a better life. There was no substance use during her pregnancy and she reports he is healthy. She would like an open adoption to include visits.

This adoption agency in Florida is also looking for adoptive parents for an African American/Hawaiian baby due next month. The birth mother is looking for a Christian family, one that can provide whatever her baby needs. She is currently parenting a 1-year-old and feels it would be too difficult to financially provide for both. She would like a semi-open adoption with no visits (just letters and photos) for updates. She is focused on getting her life on track, taking care of her daughter, and pursuing a career in the medical field. She has had regular prenatal care and has not reported any substance use during her pregnancy.

Finally, we’re seeking a loving, financially secure Caucasian couple to adopt a baby due in September (gender is unknown). The birth mother is seeking a couple who will provide her child with a wonderful life full of fun and adventure. She would prefer that the couple have parenting experience. Some cigarette use stated but no other health issues, she shares. Assistance with pregnancy-related expenses will be appreciated. Contact desired after placement will be letters, pictures, and the option of a visit once a year. She does have medical insurance and will be starting her prenatal care soon..

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