Question: I’m due in a couple of months and have been exploring the pregnancy choice of adoption. I have read on adoption forums online about open adoption and semi-open adoption. What is that?

Answer: In an open adoption, you choose the adoptive family for your baby based on what you are looking for. In a “closed adoption” the adoption company would choose the family for your baby.

Lifetime Adoption provides a wide selection of loving families who are waiting to adopt. All adoptive families have had an in-depth background check and are approved and safe to adopt. Another choice you have with making an open adoption plan is to decide on the amount of contact you want to have. Some women request to receive updates on their child through emails, letters and photos, while others want visits or phone calls. Some women request no future contact at all. The choice is up to you! You may choose the family that best meets your needs and those of your child, or if you prefer, we can select a family for you. In an open adoption plan, you have a wide a variety of options!

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