time of year for adoptions?

Lifetime adoptive couple Cliff and Sheila’s baby girl

Here’s an adoption question that we were recently asked: “Is there a time of year for adoptions? What I mean by that is, when do you notice more adoptions than at other times of the year? We want to start up when we have a better chance of being chosen.”

ANSWER: While sometimes there are notable trends behind the scenes for our coordinators who are assisting women choosing adoption, there is no “peak” time of year for adoptions taking place. Sometimes there may be many women beginning their adoption research, while at other times there may be many women going through labor and delivery or starting up a match with adoptive parents.

The reality is adoptions are happening all the time! If you want to adopt, it’s better to get yourself ready and available to potential birth mothers as soon as it’s right for you. The RIGHT birth mother could be waiting to find you NOW, or she could be around the corner in six months or a year. The point is that you’ll be ready when SHE is ready, and you’ll be chosen for her baby for reasons that may delight or surprise you…reasons that were just the right fit for that woman, for her baby’s future.

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