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“I’m worried, with my current situation, that if I try to raise my baby she’ll end up in foster care. I want her to have a stable life,” a woman calling our hotline recently told us. Open adoption gives you choice over your child’s future: which is a relief if you’re worried that your lifestyle (or circumstances) will cause CPS to take your child and put them into the foster care system. In most cases, choosing adoption helps you avoid being involved with CPS (child protective services) in the future. It also gives you a say over what happens to your child!

When you choose adoption, you can place your child with an adoptive couple of your choosing. You can even choose to have an “open adoption.” which means that you’d get photos and updates as your baby grows up.

The adoption truth is this: Many women choose adoption because of a lifestyle that could risk the child being put into foster care. She wants to give her child a permanent stable family. Even if she already has involvement with social services, or if she thinks there’s a chance her child could wind up in foster care, a mother can create an open adoption. She can choose the adoptive parents, place her baby directly with the parents of her choice, and even keep in touch after the adoption.

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