I am not a US citizen. I am here as an undocumented immigrant. Can I still choose adoption for my baby?

Yes, you can! Lifetime Adoption will help you find a loving adoptive couple who will legally adopt your child. It’s important to know that adoption is not foster care or temporary care; it is permanent and legally binding. But you can continue to get updates and photos throughout their life if you wish.

Lifetime is here to help every woman who is thinking about adoption, and that includes those who are not US citizens. If you are pregnant and undocumented, you have just as much right as any other mother in the United States to choose adoption for your baby. Provided that your child is born in the US, you can select loving, stable adoptive parents for them. You do not need a sponsor to make an adoption plan for your baby without US citizenship. It’s a safe and secure process.

Choosing adoption for your child allows you to provide a better life for them in the United States, one that’s full of opportunity. Having an adoption plan in place can limit the government from getting involved through Child Protective Services. With adoption, you have the right to decide what happens to your child. Plus, you can keep in contact with the adoptive parents, receiving updates on your child as they grow!

The process of adoption is completely legal. It does not cost you anything to choose adoption for your baby. The adoptive parents you select can help out with the cost of legal fees.

Lifetime will keep every part of your adoption plan confidential, including your adoption paperwork. So we will not release your information to immigration or government authorities without your permission. Your Adoption Coordinator is going to ask about your citizenship status as she collects your social and medical history. Any information you share will never be released outside of Lifetime’s adoption agency except to the legal professionals who help achieve the adoption.

Many hopeful adoptive couples would be willing to adopt your child. Your citizenship status will not affect how many adoptive families are ready to adopt your child. After the adoption, you have just as much right as any American citizen to receive post-adoption contact with them and your child.

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Please note, if you are currently located outside the United States, Lifetime Adoption cannot help with border patrol, crossing the border, the Department of Homeland Security, or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

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