Adoptive couple from Indiana, Jason and YavaIndiana adoptive couple Jason and Yava don’t have any children yet, and are both very excited to begin their family by adopting! They both have stable careers; Jason is an engineer and Yava works as a vet.

Together, Jason and Yava like to travel, work out, go on 5 and 10K races, and play sports. Their Indiana home has four bedrooms, with one being prepped to be the baby’s room. They share, “We can envision our child in every room of our house throughout his or her life. Whether its coming down the staircase on prom night, doing homework in the office, playing games in front of the fireplace, beating Jason at video games in the basement, reading bedtime stories in the bedroom, playing fetch with our dog in the backyard, or cooking with mom in the kitchen, every space has love waiting for our child(ren)!”

Jason and Yava promise to love and support your child unconditionally, and provide a financially and emotionally stable, Christ-centered and joyful environment. They will maintain contact with you, if you desire, throughout your child’s life through emails, pictures and annual visits.

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