Meet JP and Carolyn, a down-to-earth, dependable, and hard-working adoptive couple living in Maryland. They would love to expand their happy family and share their lives with a child through adoption! JP and Carolyn have been blessed with one child, and after experiencing secondary infertility, their journey has led them to the gift of adoption. If you’d like, JP and Carolyn welcome an open adoption, and hope you know how special you would always be to them.

Adoptive family profile - JP and Carolyn in Maryland

Together, they love to have fun date nights at least once a month, laugh together at comedy shows, relax and watch tv before bed, and enjoy a friendly competition of foosball. They created this short and sweet video to introduce themselves and share more about what they have to offer your child. Keep scrolling to learn more about this active Christian couple in Maryland!
JP and Carolyn have been married for six years and have a three-year-old daughter, Penny. As a family, they enjoy quality time together at the park down the road, their community pool, or going for a walk in the neighborhood. The nearby park has a farm, and Penny really enjoys seeing the animals.
They live in a three-bedroom home located in a tight-knit Maryland community. Their town is safe and family-oriented, with year-around events for children such as parades, festivals, egg hunts, and fireworks. JP and Carolyn’s neighborhood is an hour away from a couple of large, metropolitan cities. So JP and Carolyn are close enough to major cities to enjoy the benefits of those, but also far enough away to enjoy peace and quiet. On the weekends, they love to go to the city aquariums, museums, or a minor league baseball game. You can watch JP and Carolyn’s adoptive family video right here to get a glimpse into their lives!


What Family & Friends Say About JP and Carolyn

“Carolyn is a wonderful mother. She is organized and anticipates her family’s needs. Not only does she nurture their daughter with love, but she also enriches her life through meaningful experiences. JP is a devoted husband and a great father. He is the type of dad to get on the floor and play princess with his daughter. Carolyn and JP work so well as a team. We are so excited to see their family grow through adoption!” say Travis and Kelly, their close friends.
And Jerry and Shari, Carolyn’s parents, say, “Both Carolyn and JP are loving, kind, and patient people. They are totally committed to their relationship and family. They are wonderful parents who have provided a loving and secure home for Penny. They strive to enrich her life each day through activities that are family-focused and fun! We feel blessed to be a part of their extended family and truly enjoy being able to watch them grow each day.”

Curious to know more about JP and Carolyn? You can check out their adoptive family profile online, which has more photos, info, and a video.

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Written by Heather Featherston

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