Lifetime infant poses underneath blanketThe topic of open adoption sparks a lot of questions. As future adoptive parents, it’s important to understand what open adoption is like TODAY before you decide if it’s right for your family. We want to help prepare you for a positive adoption experience, for all involved.
A great way to learn about open adoption is through Lifetime’s webinars. Our adoption webinars are helpful, casual, interactive, and FREE to attend! You gain a lot of information and encouragement in just an hour.
At Lifetime Adoption Agency, open adoption is common, but it doesn’t look the same for every single adoption story. Adoptions today are as unique as the individuals engaged in them!
Lifetime recently hosted a webinar to answer questions about what to expect with open adoption. We began this webinar with a few of the “sticky questions” that we know adoptive parents WANT to ask. It’s vital to get the answers you need as you move closer to the adoption of your dreams.
Click to hear Lifetime's open adoption Q&A webinarBoth hopeful adoptive parents and birth mothers to have lots of questions about what open adoption would be like. They also wonder how to know if they can trust each other and what to expect. Get the answers you need from two Lifetime Adoption coordinators who have worked extensively with birth mothers AND hopeful adoptive parents through their matches.
In this webinar we even discussed some of the hard-to-ask questions that adoptive parents have about growing their family through an open adoption, including the most-asked “will I still feel like mom and dad with an open adoption?”

The replay is now available here: Open Adoption Q&A for Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Are you hoping to adopt a child? If so, it’s vital that you learn about open adoption and the benefits for all involved. There are many outdated stories and myths about modern adoption and what openness is like between a child’s adoptive family and birth parents. Listen to our latest webinar all about your open adoption questions!
Here’s the link to the replay of this webinar: Open Adoption Q&A for Hopeful Adoptive Parents. Visit to get FREE access to dozens of recent webinars, helpful for anyone hoping to adopt.

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Linda Rotz

Written by Linda Rotz

Linda Rotz, CWCM-S, CWCM-Trainer, ACC, is the Director of Adoption Services at Lifetime. Linda has worked in the field of adoption for 20 years within the child welfare/foster care system in Florida. She has degrees in Mass Communications and Human Development, and completed graduate studies in social work.

Due to her extensive expertise, Linda was called upon to write adoption procedures and training materials in Florida. She is certified as an Adoption Specialist, Child Welfare Case Manager Supervisor and Child Welfare Trainer in the state of Florida.