Can I do a Florida Adoption from the hospital?

You are in a hospital in Florida and have just delivered your baby. You realize you are really not ready to parent a baby. You may feel this way for many reasons, and whatever the reason is, don’t panic. Lifetime Adoption is just a phone call or text away, and we can help.

Our adoption coordinators are highly experienced, caring professionals that have dealt with all kinds of different adoption stories. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will always find a coordinator ready and willing to help you with whatever situation you are in. You may have come to realize, once you saw your baby, that you are not ready to parent, and for the sake of both of your futures, adoption is the best option. If your baby was born exposed to drugs or alcohol, child welfare services might be there planning to take your baby to a foster home. You can take back control by making an adoption plan with an adoption agency.

You can call or text us directly or contact a nurse or the hospital social worker and ask them to contact us. We can arrange for you to view families waiting to adopt, or your adoption coordinator will ask you for your preferences in an adoptive family and choose one for you. Our families are all pre-approved to adopt and have completed home studies that include background and financial checks, have completed parent education classes and have been interviewed to be sure they are ready and able to adopt a child.

You will also be provided with legal representation and counseling at no cost to you. You can meet with a professional counselor or a peer counselor. We have found many of our birth mothers find it comforting to talk with someone who has been in their shoes and know what they are going through.

Whether you have just given birth, gave birth a week, month, or several years ago, it is never too late to place your child for adoption. Life can be challenging, and you can always contact us to find out what your options are and receive all the information you need to understand modern open adoption today.