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This Easygoing Tennessee Couple Will Be Awesome Parents!

Tennessee adoptive couple Jacob and BriMeet Jacob and Bri, a young, low-key Tennessee couple who are ready to become parents through adoption! To share about themselves with you, they’ve taped this cute adoption video.
They like hiking, going to the movies, working on home projects together, and playing with their dogs Gus and Belle.
Jacob and Bri would love to welcome a baby boy or a baby girl of any race into their loving Tennessee home. They will feel blessed if chosen to adopt your baby!

“Why Should I Consider Jacob and Bri as My Baby’s Parents?”

Tennessee couple Bri and Jacob walking on their propertyJacob and Bri are a loving, family-centered Christian couple who would love to share their lives and home as parents. They’re committed to each other and support each other’s jobs and goals. Jacob and Bri both have their immediate families living nearby, so your baby would grow up seeing their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins regularly.
They’re easy to talk to and are interested in getting to know the birth mother who chooses them. Jacob and Bri want your child to know you as he or she grows up, and so they’d like to stay in contact with you in the future through letters, photos, and visits. Jacob and Bri care about birth mothers and recognize that an adoption relationship with you isn’t just about your baby.
Bri and Jacob's large propertyJacob is a hard-working man and a dedicated husband who will provide for the family through his work as a Sales Engineer. Bri is patient, compassionate, and kind, and works part-time as an office assistant. Once they adopt, she’ll become a part-time stay-at-home mom.
They own a five-bedroom home which has a fully fenced-in backyard and a small fish pond. Jacob and Bri have been setting up their future baby’s nursery. Their large property is perfect for fishing, and they grow a vegetable garden, and plan to get a big playset!

Watch Jacob and Bri’s short & sweet adoption video to get a glimpse into their lives!

Young, Adventurous Tennessee Couple Would Love to Adopt! from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bri and Jacob, check out their adoption website! On it, they’ve written a heartfelt letter to you, complete with photos, which shares more about themselves.

Would you like to speak with Jacob and Bri? Just give Lifetime a call at 1-800-923-6784!

The Best of This Blog: Top 10 Posts from 2018

You CAN afford adoption with a LightStream adoption loan!With today being the final day of 2018, we thought that it’d be the perfect time to take a look back at the blog posts and topics our readers loved most this year.
Looking back on 2018, we covered a range of adoption topics here at Lifetime Adoption Agency Florida’s blog, ranging from how to handle your adoption hospital experience and how your loved ones can support your adoption, to twin adoptions and how to get an adoption loan. So, without further ado, here are our Top 10 blog posts of 2018. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing them again…or enjoy them for the first time!

#10: How to Afford Adoption with a LightStream Adoption Loan

In our #10 blog post, we shared about how a LightStream adoption loan can be used to finance any part of your adoption process. At Lifetime, we don’t want a lack of finances to stand in the way of you being able to adopt!
Let's end hurtful stereotypes about birth parents

#9: 5 Stereotypes About Birth Parents that Need to Be Stopped Now

There seems to be plenty of stereotypes about birth parents: that they’re addicted to drugs, that birth fathers don’t care, or that birth mothers are women who don’t want children. Actually, one thing birth parents have in common is the desire to provide their child with the best life they can. In our #9 blog post, we shared five of the most common stereotypes about birth parents, so that we might put an end to them!

#8: Get 6 Tips on How to Support Your Loved One’s Adoption

This blog post is for your friends and family, to help them better understand how adoption works today. If they want to participate in your adoption experience, the info in this blog post can help serve as a starting point for meaningful conversations about how your adoption will affect everyone.

#7: “I need someone to adopt my baby”

“I just found out I’m pregnant, and my boyfriend literally disappeared…I have no idea how I’m going to raise a baby. How do I adopt out my baby?” asks one woman who contacted us. Lifetime lays out the details that go into making an adoption plan, so your pregnancy and placement can be as simple as possible.
Learn about our adoption agency in Florida's available adoption opportunities!

#6: Adoption Opportunities at Our Adoption Agency in Florida

When you’re thinking about adoption to grow your family, it’s normal to wonder about the babies available for adoption. In the adoption world, you may hear terms like “adoption opportunities” and “adoption situations.” These are birth mothers seeking adoptive families for their baby. In our #6 post, we shared how to find out if our adoption agency would be a good fit for your family!

#5: Why Did They Adopt, But Not Us?

There are many sides to the adoption journey when you’re eagerly waiting to be chosen by a birth mother. Some adoptive couples struggle with feelings of jealousy, wondering, “Why did they adopt, but not us?” In this post, we helped to reveal the truth behind the adoption wait!
A birth mother kisses her baby

#4: What NOT To Do at the Hospital

Many adoptive families are blessed to get invited to the birth of their baby. We shared some general guidelines about the adoption hospital experience because there’s a big difference between adoptive parents that mean well and those who act entitled. Discover 4 things adoptive couples should avoid doing at the hospital!

#3: 3 Common Fears About Choosing Adoption for Your Baby

If you’re thinking about adoption for your baby, it’s totally normal to have some fears, especially at the beginning of the adoption journey. Here, Lifetime shared about three common fears that women have about choosing adoption, and how to address them.

#2: Is it Possible to Adopt Twins?

Many hopeful adoptive couples ask, “is it possible to adopt twins?” This year, Lifetime adoptive couple Keith and Thirza from Florida adopted newborn twin girls! In our second most popular blog post of 2018, Lifetime shared about their journey to adopting twins. If you’re in the middle of your adoption wait, hearing stories like Keith and Thirza’s will give you inspiration and hope!

#1: Financially Stable Adoptive Couple for My Baby

Lifetime works with hopeful adoptive parents of a variety of races and backgrounds from all across the US. Each adoptive couple has different occupations, educations, religions, and interests, so you have a variety of to choose from. Maybe you’re thinking, “I’d like to find a financially stable adoptive couple for my baby”. In our most popular blog post of 2018, we wrote about Dave and Meghann, an active, financially stable couple in Florida!

Experienced Adoptive Parents in Missouri Excited to Adopt Again!

Andy and Christa were blessed to adopt their second son and look forward to growing their family through adoption again! As experienced adoptive parents, they have an open adoption with their son’s birth mother.

They say, “Open adoption has been wonderful and we are open to sharing letters, pictures, and visits with you too if you desire. We promise to provide for and give them every opportunity we can. We will always speak kindly of you and honor the adoption plan we create together. We will share our Christian faith and do our best to raise your child to be kind, loving, caring and compassionate!”

Andy and Christa recently recorded this heartfelt audio clip to introduce themselves and share more about what they have to offer your child. You can listen to it by clicking “play” below. Keep scrolling to learn more about this diverse couple who live in Missouri!

Experienced adoptive parents Andy and Christa

This Missouri couple has been married for nine years. Their lives are made up of dancing together, family prayer, frequent meals and Sunday lunches with extended family with lots of laughing! Andy and Christa’s home is constantly filled with friends and family BBQ-ing, Bible Studies, movie nights and more!

Andy works as a bi-vocational pastor at a new church in their city. He enjoys urban running, salsa dancing, and frequenting local coffee shops. Christa is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys baking, encouraging others to be healthy and fit via online support groups, taking the boys on local adventures and an occasional spa day. Their two sons, Josiah (6) and Timothy (4) are energetic, loving, sensitive and kind. Andy and Christa’s family live in an adorable 3 bedroom home. It’s across the street from the middle & high schools and within walking distance from all of Andy’s family.

You can find out more about experienced adoptive parents Andy and Christa by visiting their adoption website. You may also view all adoptive family profiles here on If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give us a call at 1-877-383-6847.

Did You Know That There’s a Symbol of Adoption?

The symbol of adoptionIf you’ve been blessed by adoption, you might wish to honor your journey in a meaningful way. The symbol of adoption has been used by many to share their love of open adoption. As seen in this image, the symbol of adoption is a triangle entwined with a heart. Each of the three sides of the triangle signifies the adoption triad: birth family, adoptive family, and adoptee. The heart symbolizes the love present in an open adoption relationship!

We encourage you to appreciate the fact that all in the adoption triad play a role in building a healthy, safe life for the child. Understanding what each party in the triad should (and shouldn’t) contribute is an important first step. Today, we’re sharing about the roles of adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoptees!

Adoptive Parents

adoption loveAdoptive parents provide the child with daily care, support, and love. They’re responsible for the child emotionally, medically, and financially. And adoptive parents are responsible for helping their child grow healthy self-esteem about their adoption. Openness and honesty are encouraged from the very beginning. It means sharing in an age-appropriate way that the child’s birth parents created this adoption plan to give them the best life possible.

Adoptive parents should honor the promise of ongoing contact that they made to the birth parents. If you promised to send pictures and updates, send them. If you agreed to visits, then schedule them. Open adoption is built on trust. If contact doesn’t happen, your child might search for his or her birth parents. You don’t want your child to hear that you broke your promise to keep in touch!

Birth Parents

Birth parents are a vital part of the adoption triad. They’ll always have a biological link to their child. At the same time, they should honor the level of contact they agreed to. It’s difficult to manage expectations if they thought, for example, that their child would still call them “Mom.” Having a sensitive conversation with them can help.

Sometimes birth parents make negative choices after placement. If you’re worried about your child’s safety, it’s acceptable to look at boundaries. But don’t change your open adoption agreement because some of the choices are ones you don’t approve of. Simply express your concern and hope for them.

The Adoptee

What a sweet update on baby Brynlee!Children should be provided the truth about their adoption in a way they can understand. You can share more and answer more questions as your child gets older. That way, your child doesn’t grow up confused about where they came from.

When parents wait to tell their child that they were adopted, it comes as a major shock, and there’s the potential for relationships to suffer. Part of loving your adopted child is loving where they came from, including their birth mother. Face the challenges you might feel when your child is curious about their origins.

When you understand adoption from everyone’s point of view as well as what healthy boundaries look like, these roles in the adoption triad will bring positive outcomes.

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Loving Couple in Illinois Want to Add to Family Through Adoption

Illinois adoptive couple Jonathan and AngieJonathan and Angie are a loving couple in Illinois who want to add to their family through adoption. They have two sons, ages 5 and two and a half. They’d love to adopt a baby of any race!
They say, “Your child would be surrounded by a community of love and support. With two older brothers to lovingly protect them, your child would grow up in a stable home full of love, laughter, and faith. We are open to ongoing communication including letters, emails, pictures, and visits if you wish!”

Keep reading to learn more about this God-loving couple from Illinois!

Jonathan says about his wife, “Angie is an amazing wife and an even better mother. She teaches our family to live simply. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Angie worked as a hairstylist for 12 years. She has a love for learning and teaching. Be it gardening, sign language, or crafting with the boys. Angie’s drive to teach is fueled by her love of learning. She has an amazing ability to make lessons fun.
Angie’s love and passion for helping others is fully realized when she is with children. She exudes patience and kindness even on bad days!”
And Angie shares about her husband, “Jonathan is a loving, tender-hearted man, fully devoted to his family and God. Jonathan has the amazing ability to fully trust in God and speak life into every situation, even hard ones. He puts 110% into everything, whether it’s his job as a graphic designer, wood workings, drawing, or helping me with housework. Taking pride in all he does is an amazing quality that our children learn because of him.
Jonathan is an amazingly supportive husband and a 100% hands-on Daddy. I know that whomever God has for our family, Jonathan will love unconditionally!”
You can find out more about hopeful adoptive couple Jonathan and Angie by visiting their adoption website. You may also view all adoptive family profiles here on If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give us a call at 1-877-383-6847.

Young & Creative Illinois Couple Ready to Begin Their Family Through Adoption

Hopeful adoptive couple Craig and Courtney from IllinoisMeet Craig and Courtney, a young & creative couple from Illinois who are ready to grow their family through adoption! They’re open to visits with you and look forward to growing their relationship with you throughout the years. Craig and Courtney enjoy trying new things and traveling. Their family owns an indoor sports facility, so there will never be a shortage of activities for your child to participate in with other children!
Craig says about his wife, “I love being married to Courtney. She loves to strike up a conversation with just about anyone – whether at a local coffee shop or in a checkout line. My very favorite thing about my wife is that she is passionately persistent in continuing to invest in our marriage. Her tender-hearted nature and compassion will make her an incredible mother!”
And Courtney shares about her husband, “Craig is a true gentleman who stands out in a crowd. He loves his shoe collection, Oreos, and is a sucker for a good cup of coffee.  I love that no matter where we go, people remember him. I love his humility and the way he is always looking for ways to lend a hand to a friend. He is someone who will stick to his convictions but also loves having fun and trying new things. He is so loving, and always puts me first. I can’t wait to see him become the incredible Dad I know he will be!”

Here’s Illinois adoptive couple Craig and Courtney’s video:

You can find out more about hopeful adoptive couple Craig and Courtney by visiting their adoption website. You may also view all adoptive family profiles here on If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give us a call at 1-877-383-6847.

Happy Family Ready to Welcome Another Child Into Their Lives!

Happy adoptive couple Mason and Regina with their sonMason and Regina are a playful and happy family, ready to welcome another child into their lives! Regina’s oldest brother was adopted at birth, and his adoption remains the greatest miracle in her family. They have a happy home and a son who is ready to become a brother. Mason and Regina adore being parents, and say, “it would be an honor to raise your precious child in our healthy, safe, and stable family”!
Mason says about his wife, “Regina is very creative. She has a lot of interests—but she mostly enjoys photography, knitting, and quilting. She likes to bake bread and makes the best peanut brittle at Christmas!
Regina is a wonderful stay-at-home mom! She takes excellent care of our son. They play, learn, read, and sing together. They also like to attend community activities where they can learn and play with other kids. Regina loves rediscovering the world through the eyes of children and she’s eager to have another one in our home to laugh and play with! She’s awesome!”
And Regina shares about her husband, “Mason is a craftsman. He is skilled in carpentry and automotive repair. He can fix or build anything! He has a great appreciation for the outdoors and loves to share fishing, camping, and wildlife adventures with our family.
Mason is gentle, wise, and the most patient person I know. His generous heart makes him a great pastor and father. He uses his wood shop and the vegetable garden to instill valuable life skills in our son. Mason freely gives affirmation and reassurance in the time they spend together, and I know he’ll do the same with our next child.”
You can find out more about hopeful adoptive couple Mason and Regina by visiting their adoption website. You may also view all adoptive family profiles here on If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give us a call at 1-877-383-6847.

Louisiana Adoptive Couple Jon and Sally’s Adoption Video

Louisiana adoptive couple Jon and SallyLouisiana adoptive couple Jon and Sally are a military family who love music, sports, being outdoors and traveling. They were blessed with the adoption of their daughter four years ago and they’re excited to grow their family again with the adoption of a son!

Both Jon and Sally are Christians and members of a local church. They’ve had the opportunity to travel and live in many unique places. Hobbies they both enjoy include outside activities like running, bicycling, hiking and picnics.

Their Louisiana home is located on a quiet street within a small community. Their daughter Carolina is able to ride her bike on their street safely. Jon and Sally say, “We live close to playgrounds and small parks. This is a great neighborhood for children.” Jon and Sally have two pets: a dog, Cadence, and a cat, Matilda Jeane. Both animals are very patient and good with Carolina.

“Sally is a terrific mom for our daughter Carolina. Sally is a great role model as she balances multiple responsibilities and finds time to enjoy her own hobbies and interests. Sally is excited about having a son and I know that she will do well with raising a little boy,” Jon shares.

And Sally shares about her husband: “Jon is a great Dad to Carolina. I love to watch them play together; whether it is helping her ride her bike or being silly together, Jon always makes time for Carolina. I’m thankful that Jon is setting a great example of how girls and women should be treated. I know he will be a wonderful Dad for our son!”

Here’s Louisiana adoptive couple Jon and Sally’s video:

You can find out more about hopeful adoptive couple Jon and Sally by visiting their adoption website. You may also view all adoptive family profiles here on If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give us a call at 1-877-383-6847.

Maryland Adoptive Couple Cameron and Maria

Maryland Adoptive Couple Cameron and MariaCameron and Maria are an active Catholic couple who have been married for 13 years. They’re familiar with adoption, as Cameron is a birthfather and they have a wonderful relationship with his daughter and her family.

This Maryland adoptive couple are very excited about becoming first-time parents through adoption and hope to talk to you soon!

Their four bedroom house is located in a suburban community in Maryland. They share, “Our home has plenty of space to raise a family with a finished basement and a large, fenced in backyard. We are centrally located near excellent schools, parks, playgrounds, and hiking trails. We cannot wait to share our home, family, and lifestyle with your child!”

Cameron and Maria promise to provide your child with opportunities for education, travel, sports, music, religious studies, and hobbies such as woodworking, cooking, and baking.

You can find out more about Maryland adoptive couple Cameron and Maria by visiting their adoption website. You may also view all adoptive family profiles here on If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give us a call at 1-877-383-6847.

So Grateful for Your Donations to Birth Moms!


We’re so grateful for these donations to bless birth mothers! Thank you to adoptive parents-in-waiting, Dustin and Jessica, for a big box of personal items to help bless Birth Mothers through the Lifetime Adoption Foundation. This sweet couple from North Carolina is ready to start their family through adoption, and in their journey they’ve grown a heart to help others while they wait to adopt. To learn more about Dustin and Jessica visit

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