Colorado adoptive couple Mark and JosieColorado adoptive couple Mark and Josie feel fortunate to be given the chance to grow their family through adoption. Their goal as parents is to raise children who love others, have a strong faith, and have a strong sense of family.

About his wife, Mark shares, “I have never met a more self-sacrificing person, who would do anything for her family and those she loves. Josie is a wonderful mother to our son, Thomas. I watch every day as she teaches him, plays with him, laughs with him, and loves him in a way that warms my heart. Josie is a nurse and cares for others all day. She is intelligent, creative, and fiercely committed. She loves to write, read, and be active. She has a great sense of humor and brings so much laughter and joy into our home.”

And Josie had these words to share about her husband: “He has an unwavering loyalty to family and he would move mountains for us. Mark is incredibly active and frequently plans fun outdoor adventures for us. He also is the biggest sports fan I have ever met. I adore watching Mark and Thomas intensely focused on a baseball game together. Mark plays the guitar for fun, and we love going to outdoor concerts. He is a spectacular parent with the way he plays, nurtures, teaches, and loves our son. He is a delight to our household and brings sunshine wherever he goes!”

Here’s Colorado adoptive couple Mark and Josie’s video:

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