How do I find couples waiting to adopt in Florida?

Once you have made the decision to place your child for adoption, your next step is to choose the adoptive parents. If you would like to find couples waiting to adopt in Florida or across the nation, you can start by looking at waiting adoptive family profiles online. You will also let your adoption coordinator know your preferences, and she will provide you with some links to families who match what you are looking for.

You may be looking for a couple of a certain faith, or maybe one that travels a lot. Would you like your baby to grow up near the beach, or would you like the couple to have other children already? There are many choices, and you may think one thing is important but then are just drawn to a certain couple, and something clicks. You just know they are the ones.

You will want to consider whether the adoptive couple is open to the same contact after the adoption as you are. If you would like visits, you may think about how far away they live. If it is a plane ride or a car ride can change the amount of in-person contact you have during the pregnancy and after the placement.

We have many hopeful couples waiting to adopt in Florida that have created profiles and often videos to give you a good look into their lives. They open themselves up in the hopes of connecting with the right birth mother for them. Take the time to get to know the couples you are interested in. This could be a relationship that will last a lifetime for you all.

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