Christmas ornament adoption fundraiserMany waiting adoptive have successfully used the “Envelope Fundraiser” to fund their adoptions. It’s pretty easy and can lead to lots of money raised. With the Envelope Fundraiser, you set a certain amount of envelopes to offer (100 to 200) and write numbers on each, starting with #1. You can either show them in a public place like your church’s lobby or do an online version.

Inside each envelope, put simple instructions and small note about your family’s adoption. When someone selects an envelope, they puts that dollar amount in and return the envelope to you. For example if they choose envelope #25, they donate $25. You can make lots with this adoption fundraiser…100 envelopes bought would raise $5,050!

If you’re doing this online, stick your envelopes up on a wall in your house. Snap a pic where you people can easily see all the envelope numbers. Post this photo to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and update it people take an envelope.

Now here’s how to do this fundraiser with a festive Christmas theme: craft up some ornaments and number them. People will be “buying” different ornaments from your Christmas tree for your adoption fundraiser. If you’re a crafty person, you can try searching in Pinterest for “handmade Christmas ornaments.” Or, you could simply purchase ornaments that you can write numbers on.

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Written by Adoption Agency Florida