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Chris & Irene

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State We Live in: Texas
Our Religion: Catholic
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months, 1 and 2 Years
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Caucasian/Hispanic, Hispanic, Native American
Sibling Group: Yes
Up to 2 years old
Open to Twins: Yes

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Call or text Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784.

¡Hola! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We’re a fun, loving, open-hearted family who enjoy any time we spend with loved ones. We adopted our son through Lifetime a few years ago and he’s been our greatest joy. To this day we maintain a relationship with Otavio’s birth family and we’re excited to be in this process to adopt again! As a bilingual couple, we’re raising our children to speak English and Spanish. Together we love the outdoors, going to the beach or fishing. We will honor an open adoption, if you’d like a connection throughout your child’s life. You would forever be in our hearts.

Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para conocernos. ¡Ya estás en nuestros corazones y estaríamos agradecidos de conocerte a ti y a tu hijo o hija! Esperamos compartir con su hijo nuestro amor por la lectura y el aire libre, incluida la pesca, acampar, la playa, andar en bicicleta, aprender a arreglar un automóvil, practicar deportes y disfrutar del regalo y el amor de nuestra familia.

Our Story

We met through online chat and had our first dinner date at Texas Roadhouse after Irene finished her EMT exam. Since then we haven’t been apart! Early in our relationship we talked about adopting a child one day. After years of going through infertility we felt God put adoption on our hearts. We were blessed to adopt our son and we’re ready to add another child to our little family.

Together we enjoy:
• Board games
• Going to the park
• Swimming
• Trips to the zoo or museum
• Family vacations
• Going out on the boat
• Volunteering at the church bazaar and Otavio’s school activities

A Little About Irene

Chris says: Irene’s greatest joy is loving on our son! She is very affectionate, enjoys teaching him new things, and participating in his interests, like helping to coach Otavio’s soccer or T-ball team. Irene appreciates every moment as a mom and will embrace life with another child.

Irene likes:
• Reading
• Watching science and health shows on TV
• Camping
• The beach
• Reading the news
• Time with family

A Little About Chris

Irene says: Chris is very loyal, careful, kind, grounded, and loving. He always knows how to make a situation happier and has the best jokes. Chris is so grateful to be a dad and cherishes the time he gets with our son to read together, play T-ball, and teach him about stocks and fixing things (he’s a fixer!). Being involved as a father is very important to Chris and I love watching Otavio grow up with him as a role model.

Chris likes:
• Fishing
• Repairing vehicles (he loves working on cars with Otavio!)
• Learning about and following stock investment trends
• Running his business

Family Life

Our son, Otavio, is 6 years old and the sweetest, most kind boy. He loves everyone and is helpful with younger kids at school. Otavio is currently into dinosaurs and has a passion for books, like Irene does! He likes to share fun facts with people, play t-ball with dad, and soccer with mom. We know we are blessed to be this little boy’s parents!

Our families are important to us and we enjoy as much time as we can have with our loved ones. Irene’s mom lives with us and she is very close with Otavio. Irene comes from a big family (she has 7 siblings!) and she’s also close with her cousins. Her family is mostly local with some relatives out of state or in Dallas. Chris comes from a smaller family. His parents and oldest sister live in this area, while his other sister is in Louisiana. There are many kids, of all ages, in our family, and Otavio LOVES time with his cousins. We have 45 nieces and nephews! Adoption has been a part of our family in different ways, and it’s been amazing to see how our loved ones have also embraced Otavio’s birth mother. Everyone is excited to meet the next child we adopt.

Our Home in Texas

We live in the Houston area and we love our quiet community, the diversity, and kindness of the people here. Our home has 4 bedrooms with a big kitchen and a dining room table that fits 12 people (we love to have people over!). There’s a playroom with a pool table and a playground in the backyard where we enjoy family time. We are excited to decorate a room for the nursery when we know more about the baby we will adopt.

This area offers many activities to do together, from sports to museums, theaters, and camping. We live less than an hour from the beach too! We also enjoy the neighborhood walking trails, playground, and pool. It’s a great place to raise a family!

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to raise your child in a loving, stable, and happy home. We value education and will provide your child every opportunity. If you want to have updates or stay in touch as your child grows up, we will embrace and honor an open adoption connection with you, including visits. As a Hispanic family, we will raise our children to learn English and Spanish. We already enjoy music and books in Spanish, and Otavio’s school has Spanish class twice a week. It’s our hope that we could pass down our heritage and celebrate our child’s history too.

As parents we will guide our children, try new things, and use positive reinforcement to help them be their best selves. We will always support our children and love them no matter what! Adoption will always be a topic we are open about as a family. We want our children to know they are loved by so many people in their lives.

Thank you for considering us as the family you may trust to adopt your child. Know that we would always cherish and appreciate you. We hope to learn more about you and the life you want for your child. To talk with us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Praying for you, Chris & Irene

More About Chris

Education: Associates Degree in Applied Studies, Specialized training in Diesel Automotive Technology
Profession: Business Owner
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Mexican/Hispanic

His Favorites:

TV Show: Yellowstone
Meal to Cook: Pozole
Ice Cream: Tin Roof
Candle Smell: Clean Linen
Drink: Coke Zero
Spanish Singer: Michael Salgado
Color: Blue

More About Irene

Education: Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management, Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry, with 2nd Major in Spanish & Clinical Laboratory Science
Profession: Lead System Infection Preventionist
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Mexican/Hispanic

Her Favorites:

TV Show: 1923
Meal to Cook: Tacos
Ice Cream: Butter Pecan
Candle Smell: Apple
Drink: Topo Chico
Spanish Singer: Enrique Iglesias
Color: Purple

More About Our Family

What Open Adoption Means to Us

We adopted Otavio when he was 2 years old. His birth mother and her parents do video calls with us every few months and we exchange gifts for birthdays and holidays, and beyond. They are so special to us! Otavio knows his birth mother and we share openly with him about his story so that he always knows he can ask us anything about his adoption. We’ve had visits with his birth mother and she has met some of our extended family too. We look forward to making plans for more visits in the future. Open adoption has been a blessing for us and we will always honor the relationships we have with our children’s birth families.

What's Important to Us as Parents

We want our children to know they are fully loved, by us and by God. We are affectionate and enjoy family hugs! We also hope our children will know God and that they can pray often. Our son, Otavio, already talks about prayer and God daily! We have children’s stories about the Bible and are open about our faith in every aspect of our lives. Our family also enjoys being silly and fun, sharing the joys of life together.

Fun Facts About Us

Our family's favorite board game is Monopoly.

Chris loves to dance silly when he is excited about something. (We call it his “food dance!”) When Otavio has a great day or special recognition at school we do silly dancing together.

Irene played the trumpet from middle school through a couple years in college.

Our Dog

We love animals! Liberty Grace is our Miniature Dachshund and she’s as sweet as can be. She’s a friendly dog and Otavio and other children love to give her belly rubs and cuddles.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us as you make plans for your child's future. We would be honored to be chosen as adoptive parents for your child. Open adoption has been a beautiful experience for us and we welcome the chance to know you and share ongoing contact, if you want. We're ready to grow our family again through adoption! Please contact Lifetime to ask about setting up a call with us. We'd love to learn more about you and your child.