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A Letter from Corey & Elizabeth

Hi from Sweet Home Alabama! It’s our honor to share with you a little bit more about what make us a family. We love spending time on a quick weekend getaway, at one of our grandparent’s house or playing board games in the living room floor. We have two daughters who are ready to be big sisters! We are excited to share fun vacations, vibrant holiday gatherings, our love for Jesus and our accepting family with your child. We try to make the most of every day we are given! We are open to communication and visits with you, as you feel comfortable. We look forward to spending time getting to know you, and to creating a new story with you and your child!

Our Story

We love all things small town! We met when Elizabeth was in high school and Corey was in his first year of college, and it was love from the very beginning! We enjoy date nights at our local Mexican restaurant, game night at Dave & Busters, or catching up on laundry at home while watching movies. We have two girls, Caroline (6) and Katherine (almost 4). Their favorite part of the day is praying for their new sibling and birthmom each morning on the way to preschool! We hope that’s you!

Adoption is a dream of ours and we cannot wait for that dream to come true! There’s always some level of excitement in our house and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether it’s a spontaneous dance party, or popcorn and a movie night, we are up for anything fun! We love to be outside playing on the trampoline, baking chocolate chip cupcakes with our girls, and attending community events downtown.

About Corey

Corey is such a loving father. He makes sure that the moment he walks in the door from work, his stress stays in the car and he’s focused on our family. His first words to the girls everyday are, “How was your day? Tell me all about it!” He enjoys hunting and golfing on the weekends and playing volleyball with his high school friends. He’s always the hardest worker and never turns down a good opportunity to teach our children about working with their hands.

Corey is a mechanical engineer and has a big presence at work. He’s the guy people come to when they need help or advice.  He’s truly the one you always want on your team!

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth loves being a mom!  In such a fast paced world, she loves to slows down and makes memorable moments for our children- such as special birthday celebrations, ice cream after a great day at preschool and random surprises “just because.” It’s important to Elizabeth to have a great relationship with our children, and to create a home that is our safe haven.

She is an encourager and will always be our family’s biggest cheerleader.  She never goes anywhere empty handed or invites anyone over without cooking a homemade meal. Elizabeth enjoys teaching children’s church, making homemade holiday candies, going to Disney World, and gardening.

Our Kids & Extended Family

Our girls are so excited about adopting! Caroline is 6 years old and a little princess. She adores all things Disney Princess and unicorns. She never leaves home without some sort of accessory and has a huge heart. She’s the first to help a peer at preschool and is always ready to play. Katherine is our tender-hearted 3 year old. She never goes anywhere without her baby doll and asks everyday when she gets to be a big sister. She is a so gentle and sweet.

We have a BIG extended family who all live within 15 minutes from our home! Our parents are very active grandparents! They are always up for a spend-the-night party, quick trip to Sonic for milkshakes, or a spontaneous vacation. We can’t wait to take another child on these fun excursions! It takes a village to raise children and we have the best village! Our families are ecstatic for the day we adopt!

Sweet Home Alabama

We just built our forever home on 50 acres of family land! Our land conjoins with Elizabeth’s parents’ and grandmother’s house! There’s always fun things to do at our house. We have a golf cart that we ride across the creek to grandparents’ houses, a pumpkin patch to help us decorate for the fall and hay fields to play in for acres! We have plenty room inside our home as well. We have a large playroom upstairs, full of Barbie houses, building blocks, and kitchen accessories! We also have a nursery ready for a baby with a library full of sweet books and the most comfy rocking chair for late night feedings.

Our Promise to You

We promise to fiercely love your child with all our hearts and raise him or her in a loving home that values fun, education and faith! We embrace the ups and downs in life because they help us grow individually and as a family. We offer grace to our children when mistakes are made, and celebrate EVERY accomplishment! We promise that your baby will be taken care of financially, emotionally and physically. We promise they will learn that Jesus loves them, we love them & YOU love them.

We hope you will join us on this journey and allow us to grow a relationship with you. We’d love for you to be a part of our lives, if you’re comfortable. You will always be held in the highest honor in our family, and we promise to teach your child to love his or her story! We are open to any communication with you and look forward to welcoming you and your child into our family!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Warm Hugs,

Elizabeth and Corey

Learn More About Corey & Elizabeth

  Corey Elizabeth
Our EducationBachelor's in Mechanical EngineeringMasters in Children's Ministry
Our ProfessionsEngineering SupervisorDirector of Children's Ministry
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Corey & Elizabeth 's Favorites
Vacation DestinationBeachDisney World
Midnight SnackChocolate Ice CreamCashews
Pizza ToppingPepperoni & CheesePepperoni & Onions
MovieForrest GumpHow to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
SodaPepsiDiet Sun Drop
Day of the WeekSundayFridays
More About Our Family
Our Pets

We have 11 chickens and love taking care of them. We get 6-8 eggs a day and love sharing with friends and family!
We have 1 indoor cat named Minnie and 2 outdoor cats that keep the critters away for us 🙂
We also have a Mini Bernadoodle named Honey! She's so precious and loves to play!
All of our pets are very loving and gentle! They love playing with the girls and their friends!

Our Faith

We are a Christian family and Elizabeth works as the Children's Director at our church. We attend regularly and pray our children grow up to love Christ as much as we do.

Our Musical Interest

We are born and raised in the south! We love country and christian music. At this stage of life we listen to a lot of Disney soundtracks and Christmas music at the request of our children!

What a Weekend Looks Like for Us

Corey and Elizabeth are both off on Fridays so our weekend starts on Friday mornings! We cook breakfast as a family on Friday and Saturday mornings. There's nothing like sitting around the table as a family to start the day. Usually on Fridays Corey cuts the grass while Elizabeth and the girls play in the flowers and with the pets. Fridays nights are all about family! Whether it's at a grandparent's swimming pool or the local Mexican restaurant we spend time with family.

Saturdays are always fun! You never know what we will do on Saturdays. Catching a movie at the theatre, going to the playground or hooking the water hose up to the sprinkler in the backyard are our favorites!

Sunday mornings we get up and go to church! We love sharing God's love with our children.

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In Closing

In closing we would like you to know that you will always be held to the highest honor and respected in our home. We are open to communication with you throughout the years and visits, if you'd like. Our children will all be raised to love and be proud of who they are and where they came from! We all have a story to share and we hope we can share our story and life with you! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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