A Letter from Kirk & Taki

Dear Birth Mother,

We are honored and thankful that you are learning about us. We’re a warm and fun-loving couple that are excited about sharing our unconditional love with your child through adoption.

We’re a Christian couple and have the support of our church family as well as our large extended family. We were blessed to be foster parents and we so are excited about becoming first-time parents through adoption. We are excited and hopeful that we will hear from you soon.

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About Us

We fell in love in Los Angeles 7 years ago and we have been married for 5 years. One of the things that attracted us to each other was our mutual desire to become parents. Throughout our fertility journey, we became clearer that loving and raising children was an important part of our journey together and fostering and adoption is the blessing we were seeking.

We love going to plays and movies, cooking together and walks in the park with our dog, Biscuit. We also enjoy working together in the theater. Kirk is a talented actor who has worked on stage and screen and Taki is an accomplished director who has traveled the world for her work. We love to spend time with our friends and family. We love to share our ideas on how to make the world a better place for everyone.

What I love about Kirk, by Taki

Kirk brings me joy. He’s a loving man with a strong sense of loyalty. He works hard to provide for us. He makes me feel safe and supports my dreams. He loves God and has the deepest faith of anyone I know.

Kirk is always making me laugh with his fun-loving and playful personality. He loves to cook Jamaican food with curry chicken being his specialty. He’s very athletic and was recently inducted into The Hall of Fame for running track in college. He loves to run and play with our dog at the nearby park. He’s also a very good fly-fisher. He’s a wonderful teacher and a life coach who has inspired so many to pursue their dreams. He looks forward to sharing everything he knows with our children.

What I love about Taki, by Kirk

Taki is the love of my life who has a beautiful and nurturing spirit. She has an infectious personality that lights up any room that she’s in. Taki makes me proud to be her husband. My devotion to her comes easily because she is my soulmate. We finish each other’s sentences, and at times, I feel that we can read each other’s thoughts. She makes me smile with her sense of humor and laughs at my corny jokes.

Taki is a very accomplished director who has various artists that love to work with her. Taki is a wonderful cook and baker, I always look forward to her desserts. She is amazing with children and I love how they interact with her. Motherhood is in my wife’s blood and I know that she will be a wonderful mother to our children.

Our Home in Oregon

We live in a spacious 4-bedroom home with a large backyard to play and have adventures in. Our neighborhood is well established, safe and family-oriented. There are 2 playgrounds within walking distance and a few bike paths nearby. We are also in a wonderful public-school district and there are also fantastic private schools nearby. We have great neighbors of all backgrounds and lots of friends with children.

There are so many placed near our home to have adventures like canoeing, fly fishing, camping and hiking. In town, there’s a children’s theater and a children’s science museum. This town caters to children with play places where children can explore and grow their imaginations. The town is quiet and safe.

Our Family

We both grew up with strong family ties and our families are so excited to welcome a new member. Kirk’s family lives in Florida (mom and dad), New York (sister and brother-in-law and niece), Jamaica, Canada, and the U.K. Taki’s family lives in the San Francisco Bay area (Mom and dad), Washington DC (brother and sister) and Columbus Ohio. Both of us are close to our extended family. Adoption is important in Taki’s family and she has a number of adopted cousins. We talk with our families often via skype and meet up several times a year including holidays and family reunions.

Our Promise

We promise to love and nurture your child with everything in our hearts. We promise to provide him or her with a safe and loving home filled with lots of joy, laughter, and inspiration to pursue their dreams. We are excited to share everything we know and to give them the very best education. We promise to teach our child about God and teach them compassion and love. We promise to pray for them and for you. We welcome you with all our hearts and look forward to sharing visits, letters, and pictures. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Kirk & Taki

Our EducationBachelor's of Fine ArtsMaster's of Fine Arts
Our ProfessionsExecutive Coach and Consultant; ActorArtistic Director
Our Racial BackgroundJamaican AmericanAfrican American
Some of Kirk & Taki's Favorites
Favorite ColorsFall Colors - Brown, Green and RedGreen, Lavender and Blue
Favorite FoodsFish and Chips, Seafood and Lemon DessertsBurgers and Fries, Thai, anything chocolate
HobbiesFlyfishing, reading, playing scrabble, hiking, puzzlesMovies, baking, playing board games, puzzles, reading
Movies, Favorite places we’ve visitedLondon, Maui, and The Dominican RepublicParis, Belize and Maui
Favorite BookAsk and it is GivenConversations with God Book 1
Favorite HolidaysTop Gun, Coco and BoltTwister, Aliens and WallE
Favorite HolidaysThanksgiving and ChristmasThanksgiving and Christmas
More About Our Family
Fun times

We are a close family and we love spending time together. Both of us love traveling, even if it is just to take a short trip by car to sit by a mountain lake or to try out a new restaurant in a nearby town. We travel 2 times a year to see our family back east. We get to see our family in California more often because we live closer. We try to go on a relaxing vacation at least once a year.

We have a lot of friends in the entertainment industry and we love to support their work by watching their films or seeing their plays. Kirk likes to play golf or go fishing with friends. Taki likes to swim and take walks in the park.

Our Faith

Both of us grew up in the church and we both share a deep and profound belief in God. Kirk’s mother is an ordained lay minister in the Protestant Church and Taki’s mom is a lay leader. Church was an important part of both of our lives growing up. We attend church every week we are in town and catch up with sermons via, live stream and podcast when we are not in town. We believe God had ordered our lives to be parents and to adopt and care for children. We look forward to sharing our faith in God teaching them about the love of Christ and the blessing he has over our lives.

Our Friends

Combined, we have lived in 6 major cities across the country. We have a vast network of friends across the country who have supported our adoption journey from the beginning. They are artists, filmmakers, bankers, realtors, teachers, and writers. They lovingly await the opportunity to welcome our new family member or members.

About Our Home and Neighborhood

We live in a large 4 bedroom house in a family-friendly neighborhood. We have a big backyard with a pool and a large area for playing and running in the grass. We hope to install a swing set when the children get older. At home, on a weekend morning, you will find us preparing breakfast or sharing the day's events with each other over a home-cooked meal at dinner that evening. We like to watch movies from time to time and we love listening to music or playing scrabble. Our home is clean and safe and filled with love.
Several neighbors have been here for a long time. We look out for each other and exchange gifts during the holidays. Our neighborhood is full of diverse, artistic, and health-conscious people who have proven to be good and friendly neighbors.

Our Musical Interest

We love all kinds of music but mostly listen to neo-soul artists like Anthony Hamilton, and Erykah Badu or thoughtful rappers like Common and old school hip-hop. Taki likes to relax while listening to Jazz and Kirk will turn on some old school Jamaican reggae when he’s thinking of where he grew up. We both love Michael Jackson, Prince, and music from the 1990s.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old


We are open to adopting twins


We accept all genders

Sibling Group

We are open to adopting a sibling group with the oldest up to 4 years of age.

Ethnicity of ChildAfrican American, African American/Hispanic, African American/Caucasian
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are interested in an open adoption including visits, letters and photos.

In Closing

We are so thankful that you have taken the time to read through our website and we hope it has shed some light on our life and family! We are so excited to welcome your child or children into our family and to support and guide them in all that they do. We look forward to sharing pictures, letters and visits with you and hope to hear from you soon!