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A Letter from Ryan & Emily


We are excited to learn about your hopes and dreams for your child and are grateful for you taking the time to get to know us. We have been married for 10 years and have been blessed with four beautiful children, three by adoption. Emily is a stay-at-home mom and Ryan is an IT Supervisor at a Fortune 500 company.

We have always wanted a large family! We have experience with both open and closed adoption, and look forward to welcoming a boy or girl of any ethnicity into our family. It is our promise to love and cherish your child each day of his or her life.

Our Story

We are Bible study sweethearts who first connected while serving at church and since then, enjoy doing everything together. Some of our favorite things are traveling, seasonal activities, and planning family events. Throughout our marriage, we have always wanted to grow our family through the blessing of adoption.

We love being parents and are very family focused, including our children in our hobbies and ourselves in their interests. We are looking forward to sharing our love for celebrating birthdays and holidays with another child, as well as the rich culture and history of Louisiana!

About Ryan, By Emily

Ryan is very active, having roots as a golfer, baseball player, runner, and drummer- he is excited to coach our kids one day! He has also turned into quite the handyman—even building our coffee table. When it comes to Ryan’s projects, the boys are always one step behind with their own tools, ready to help! He gets bonus points for being tech-savvy, too!

Ryan excels working with people, both in leadership positions at work and leading our family. He genuinely pours all of his heart into being a husband and father and looks forward to holding another child. After watching him with our children, I am excited to see him with more, as I know that he has so much more love to give.

About Emily, By Ryan

Emily is very creative—we even have a craft room in our house! She enjoys journaling, baking, making cards, scrapbooking, sewing, and photography. In the morning, you can find her with a pot of tea and reading.

One of the things that I absolutely love about my wife is her affection—she loves to snuggle and read with our three boys, and they unquestionably love it, too. My favorite memories of Emily are listening to her singing our children to sleep and making them laugh while dancing. She is excited to include another child for snuggling and reading before bedtime. Emily is an avid reader and is looking forward to sharing her love of books and writing with another child.

Our Children and Extended Family

We presently have four children:

Gabriel is almost seven, full of life, and loves being a brother! He is excited for more siblings and has even tried putting a brother and sister on the grocery list!  He really likes trips to Disney World and the zoo (his favorite animal is the giraffe), cookies-and-cream ice cream, and playing outside. He looks forward to all of our new adventures and enjoys trying new things.

William is five and loves to learn! He is even beginning to learn Spanish and has an advanced reading level.  He enjoys tractors, dancing and singing, riding his bicycle, and cars. During family outings, we can always count on him to tell us the make and model of the other vehicles we see! We were blessed to meet his birth mother before his adoption and enjoy seeing her and William’s half-siblings annually. We send regular e-mails with updates and photos to them.

Samuel is 2.5 years old and earned the nickname “Sam Smiles” because he is always happy! He enjoys riding his tricycle, playing with cars, singing, and coloring. His favorite food is pickles, with Cheez Its being a close second. He takes his big brother “duties” very seriously and is always ready to help with Felicity! We are open to connecting more with Samuel’s birth mother, but for now, we respect her desire to have space.

Felicity joined our family in a last-minute adoption during the spring of 2020. We are all overjoyed at her addition! Bringing her home makes us look forward all the more to growing our family! Per the birth mother’s decision, our relationship is semi-open. We send photos and updates through e-mail.

With each of our children, we talk lovingly about their adoption stories so that they grow up proud of how our family came together, and that they always have confidence that they were loved by so many.

We are from large, close families who are overjoyed at our adoption plans! Ryan is one of seven while Emily is one of four. Together we have 12 nieces and nephews. There will be no shortage of attention with all of the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins around during our many family gatherings.

Our Home

Our Home in Louisiana

We have 3,000 square feet waiting for the pitter patter of more little feet to echo off of the walls! Our house is one story and sits on a quiet cul-de-sac with four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, an office, and a large toy room. Our backyard is large and fenced, while our front porch is perfect for rocking underneath the shade of our beautiful oak tree. We enjoy riding bicycles and taking walks on the wide sidewalks throughout our neighborhood.


Our Promise to You

We promise that your child will hear and know that they are loved daily.  We will teach them to ride a bike and read, celebrate their birthdays, and give them every opportunity to embrace their heritage and explore their dreams. It is our promise that they will have the support needed to ensure they receive the highest degree of education desired.

We thank you for allowing us to give you a brief glimpse into our life.  It is our prayer that you will have much peace in this process, the outcome, and through all the days to come.  If you are comfortable, we would love to share an open adoption with you.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Ryan & Emily

  Ryan Emily
Our EducationBachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering and an MBABachelor's Degree in Middle Childhood Education, emphasis in Language Arts and History
Our ProfessionsInformation Technology SupervisorStay-at-home wife and mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Ryan & Emily's Favorites
Children's BookChicka Chicka ABC and Little Blue TruckHarold and the Purple Crayon, Pinkalicious
Board GameBananagrams, Chess, and BlokusCranium, Ticket to Ride, and Monopoly
Outdoor GameCornhole and FrisbeeBocce Ball, Croquet, and Frisbee
Vacation SpotVirginia BeachDisney World
Summer ActivityCampfire and S'moresSwimming, planting flowers, riding bicycles, and getting ice cream
Food TypeItalianSeafood
More About Our Family
Our Christian Faith

Daily, our family reads Scripture, prays, and sings together. We attend and are involved in a local Southern Baptist church; because our church is small (and around the corner), the members there are like a second family to us! We feel very loved and supported by them. Ryan serves on the Leadership Committee and Emily serves as the Vacation Bible School Director.

More About Ryan, by Emily

My first attraction to Ryan was his heart for Jesus—everything else radiates from this, which is why he loves so completely. Ryan lives selflessly, making sure everyone else is taken care of first; he truly serves our family! While Ryan makes people laugh and is witty, he also serves as the voice of reason because his wisdom is sound and founded on Biblical principles. Ryan completes jobs to perfection and he never quits. He is a very good listener and a practical thinker, giving gentleness and guidance to our children.

More About Emily, by Ryan

I have been married to Emily for eight years and life only gets better. She truly thrives on being a wife and mother and she is so creative, organized, and scheduled. She is my best friend and my partner in everything. Ever since I met her, I was attracted to the fun and smiles she brought daily into my life and the lives around her. She is a blessing to others and an ideal prospect for motherhood.

Our Children

Gabriel, A.K.A. Gabester, Gabe Babe:

He has unending energy and always wants to be a helper, whether making dinner, “folding” laundry, or grocery shopping (even though it often leads to extra sweets in the cart). He loves to play outside, so it is a good thing we have plenty of room inside and out! While indoors, he likes craft time, especially if it involves painting. When Gabriel grows up, he wants “to be a husband and daddy”.

William, A.K.A. Silly Willie, Willie-the-Wall:

.Nothing gets past William, which is why he has the nickname, “Willie-the-Wall”! He is a people-person and makes friends wherever he goes, especially because of his handsome good looks and charm! William makes the best elephant impersonation we have ever heard (complete with his arm mimicking an elephant's trunk), can keep a beat like no one ..........else, and has been known to break out in random song throughout the day. One of his favorite activities is singing with his karaoke machine!

Samuel, A.K.A. Sam Smiles
Samuel has non stop smiles for everyone around him! He loves to be in the presence of people and enjoys playing outside (baseball is his current favorite). He is incredibly happy and easy going, and enjoys singing the most when it includes hand motions. He likes to have his photo taken and take walks around our neighborhood in his red wagon. Samuel's favorite snacks are berries- any kind! Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries!

Felicity, A.K.A. Lissy
The first girl to join our family, the boys are enamored with her! She enjoys wearing bows in her hair and pink is definitely her color! Her favorite activities are snuggling and taking walks in the stroller.

Our Extended Family and Friends

One of our favorite family memories is when Ryan’s entire family recently spent several days together in a villa at a waterpark. It was a true joy watching all the cousins play together and visiting with family. Emily's mom is known as, "the grammy with all of the hats," because she is always giving our children fun hats to wear. Gabriel's favorite is a cowboy hat, while William favors any type of baseball hat. Samuel prefers his hat with Mickey Mouse ears and Felicity wears sweet bonnets.

Many of our friends are from church, work with Ryan, and/or are stay-at-home mothers, like Emily. We are extremely blessed to have many healthy relationships that are very encouraging, trusting, and always there for us when needed. We have no shortage of play dates!

We live in the state of...

Louisiana, where we love the warmth, rich culture, and abundant history. We have the pleasure of small town living and are conveniently located between two large cities, allowing additional adventure as desired within a few miles of our cozy neighborhood is our favorite grocery store, library, several parks (complete with splash pads and pools), and Ryan’s office. We also enjoy venturing into the children's museums and zoos in the area.

Our Special Interests

Being very family oriented, we share a lot of the same interests. We enjoy experiencing and learning about the Louisiana culture and attend many of the festivals/events that our state offers. In addition, our family also enjoys making use of our membership to the zoo and aquarium. We take trips to the waterparks and amusement parks in the area during the hottest part of the year. Once a year we take a big vacation and some of our favorites spots are Disney World, Boston, Lake Tahoe, and beaches so we can build sand castles!

While at home, we like reading and playing board games together inside; outside we like to garden and ride bicycles. Emily also enjoys clipping flowers from our garden to make beautiful floral arrangements for our house. One of our favorite past times as a family is having dance parties in the living room!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 5 years old


Absolutely! We would love any set of multiple children!



Sibling Group

Yes! We are open to a sibling group with the oldest child four years or younger.

Ethnicity of ChildAny Ethnicity
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to whatever level of contact the birth family desires, whether through photos, letters, or visits.

In Closing

We thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about our family and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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