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A Letter from Smith & Maliaka

Hello! We’re an adventurous, caring family of 4 from Atlanta. As a couple, we’re committed to growing as individuals and raising our children to love the Lord and other people. Our family values education, reading, and learning new things. We’re also a trilingual family: Maliaka is fluent in Spanish and Smith is fluent in Haitian Creole. Embracing culture and language is important to us. We love being parents and are excited to grow our family through adoption!

About Us

Smith is from Florida and Maliaka is from California. We both ended up in the Atlanta area to attend college and actually met at a Bible study! Now we have been married over 6 years. We’ve always felt drawn to the idea of adopting a child and we’d love to add a daughter to our family.

Together we enjoy:
• Playing basketball
• Going for walks or bike rides around the neighborhood
• Have friends over for meals
• Neighborhood events, like festivals & parades
• Traveling to visit our families

About Maliaka

According to Smith: Maliaka is loving, affectionate, and a creative planner who keeps us on track. We always look forward to the fun things Maliaka plans for us! I love to hear the songs she teaches the boys to learn to spell their names or memorize things, like Bible verses. As a mom, Maliaka cares for our sons’ whole being and challenges herself to be the best person, mother, and wife she can.

Maliaka likes:
• Lifting heavy weights
• Meal planning & nutrition
• Practicing Spanish (she’s fluent in Spanish!)
• Singing on the church worship team
• Fantasy Football
• Detective or Home Improvement shows
• Cooking

About Smith

According to Maliaka: Smith is thoughtful, kind, funny, and protective. He is committed to his family and friends. I’ve always appreciated how hard-working Smith has been his whole life. He is the kind of dad who will put his own to-do list aside to throw the football with our sons or be there for those he cares about.

Smith likes:
• Learning about financial planning, business leadership, and behavioral psychology
• Writing poems and articles
• Drawing
• Working out
• Playing or watching basketball
• Listening to music

Family Life

Our sons, Jesse and Jeremiah, are excited to become big brothers. Both boys are taking Spanish Immersion School (our oldest is already fluent in Spanish!). Jesse is 5 years old, affectionate, and loves to teach, read to, and help his little brother. He’s into football, drawing or coloring, building, and playing his keyboard piano. Jeremiah is 3 years old, energetic, fun, and loves to run. He’s a curious little boy who loves reading, building, and playing pretend.

As a family we love:
• Traveling to see new and familiar places
• Exploring attractions together, like children’s museums, parks, or zoos
• Playing outdoors
• Watching Sunday football

Our Home in Georgia

Our neighborhood offers great space to walk, play, and gather for social events. Our neighbors have become like family and we look out for each other. Inside our home we have four bedrooms with plenty of space to relax or hangout as a family. More than anything else, our boys love outside-time, such as running in the backyard, riding bikes, and playing sports.

Our Promise

We promise to love your child and shower her with affection. As parents we will help her learn confidence, with humility, and to be generous, loving, and wise. We promise to offer her access to great education, fun learning activities, and a supportive network of friends and family. We are committed to raising our children to love the Lord, have positive relationships, and make healthy choices.

If you’re comfortable, we love the idea of an open adoption so that this child will have the opportunity to know her birth family. We’d be glad to share updates, including emails, photos and videos, and coordinating future visits. We will respect your comfort level with an ongoing connection and raise your child to know how much you mean to us.

We’re so honored to be considered as adoptive parents and are excited to get to know you and how we can be there for you and your child. To talk with us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Thoughtfully, Smith & Maliaka

Learn More About Smith & Maliaka

  Smith Maliaka
My EducationBachelor's Degree in Finance & ReligionBachelor's Degree in Communications & Spanish
My ProfessionsInvestment StrategistCorporate Recruiter
My Racial BackgroundHaitian-AmericanAfrican-American
Some of Smith & Maliaka's Favorites
DessertBrowniesCookie Dough
FoodHaitian foodMacaroni & cheese
Type of MusicRap90s/2000s R&B
Subject in SchoolMathSpanish
Thing to Do at HomePlay with the kidsTake a bath
Place I'd Love to VisitParis, FranceItaly
More About My Family
What We Value

Our family values community, family, and growing spiritually. We attend a church that is dedicated to the Gospel, family, and mission. They even have English and Spanish services! The kids usually begin the service with us and then go to children’s church, which they both love.

Fun Facts About Us

Maliaka: I learned to knit as a child and would take knitting needles and yarn everywhere!

Smith: I taught myself to cut my boys’ hair. It’s been a great opportunity to bond with them, be creative, and save money!

Extended Family

We love to travel to see family, going to Southern California and Tennessee to visit Maliaka’s side, and down to Florida to visit Smith’s family. Everyone is excited to welcome the child we adopt and have been supportive about our plans to grow our family this way!

Favorite Family Traditions

• Summers in Los Angeles visiting Bibi, Papa T, and Auntie Yana, with lots of swimming, Spanish Camp, and trying local eateries
• Our neighborhood’s Fall Festival and Halloween Costume Parade
• Christmas at Grandpa and Nana’s house baking oatmeal cookies for Santa, decorating, and a big family dinner all together
• Memorial Day weekend in Florida visiting Gran and eating amazing Haitian food, splashing in the beach, and seeing family

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months old



In Closing

We're truly grateful for this chance to share a little about our family with you. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby! We'd love to talk with you or answer any questions. Our family of four is excited and ready to adopt and it would be an honor to get to know you. If you'd like an open adoption we're here to support that. You will always hold a special place in our hearts! To talk with us just message or contact Lifetime.

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