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Selecting an adoptive family for your baby is a great way to provide the best future possible for him or her. You can pick a family yourself, or have your Adoption Coordinator choose for you.

As you look at adoptive parent profiles, there are many important things to think about: their religion, where they live, professions, if they have children already…These are just a few of the aspects to keep in mind when thinking about adoptive families. We believe that the more adoptive parents have to choose from, the more likely it is that you will find the perfect ones for your baby.

You can get in touch with potential adoptive parents by emailing them on their adoption website. If you see an adoptive family that interests you, let your Adoption Coordinator know. She can send you more information about them in the mail. The info will arrive in a plain package that doesn’t say adoption on it, so your adoption plans can remain a secret.


Do you have any questions as you search for an adoptive family for your child?

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Lifetime is here to help you as you make a decision for your child.