Hopeful adoptive parents Justin and Tiffany in VirginiaMeet Justin and Tiffany, a fun-loving, active couple from Virginia who are thrilled about the opportunity to adopt a second time! They’re a goal-oriented and hard-working couple who make a point to do two things every day: eat dinner together and something fun! Justin and Tiffany love farming, traveling, camping, and LOTS of outdoor activities. They’re open to letters, pictures, and visits, if you desire.
They created this short and sweet video to introduce themselves and share more about what they have to offer your child. Keep scrolling to learn more about this fun-loving, outdoorsy couple in Virginia!
Justin owns a farm equipment sales and service business, and Tiffany works part-time as a massage therapist. After 8 years of unexplained infertility, they were blessed to adopt a son, Waylon in 2018. “We enjoy attending play dates with other adoptive families, having open conversations, and reading children’s books about adoption. It is important to us to provide support and opportunities that celebrate your child’s individual story!” Justin and Tiffany share.
Their home in Virginia is always filled with laughter, from dance parties when Justin plays the piano, to movie and game nights, as well as bonfires and four-wheeler rides! Your child will have many hands-on experiences to learn, laugh, and have fun- as we love to do everything together as a family!
Justin and Tiffany own a two-story farmhouse that’s situated on over 30 acres of farmland. It includes a large playroom and a nursery that was created with love. Justin and Tiffany share their home with a black lab, Ali, and outside they have cattle, chickens, ducks, and a horse named Max. Their large fenced-in yard has a fire pit, hot tub, basketball hoop, creek, woods, and views of the mountains. You can watch Justin and Tiffany’s adoptive family video right here to get a glimpse into their lives!
“They are strong in their faith and their love for their family and friends. With them, it is always family first, always making time for events with family and friends. Tiffany and Justin are amazing parents and will love your little one with all of their hearts. They are kind, patient, and so loving. Our kids enjoy spending time with Tiffany and Justin at their house. Our kids always leave knowing something or having done something new! They will raise your child with strong morals and values. Tiffany and Justin are educated and adventurous; they will give a child so many positive and wonderful experiences. Your child will grow up in a home that is never short on patience or love,” share their friends Rowdy and Allison.
And Bethany and Joshua, Tiffany’s sister and brother-in-law, share, “Tiffany and Justin are family-oriented people, and their little one will know the joy of having loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I highly recommend Tiffany and Justin as adoptive parents, and I’m excited to meet the little one that God brings into their lives! Your child will be surrounded by endless love and support, raised to know Christ and love their neighbors. Your child will never lack for anything, they will be well-educated, and most of all they will be loved and adored!”

Curious to know more about Justin and Tiffany? You can check out their website, which has more photos, info, and a video.

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