Overhead shot of a young woman opening a gift“I want to give a gift to my daughter’s birth mother to honor her and the choice she made, and to thank her for her part in creating our family. There’s no possible way I can say thank you enough to her!
Is it appropriate to send a gift? What sort of a gift should I give her?”
What a touching and thoughtful question! Yes, it’s completely appropriate to give your daughter’s birth mother a gift. Please be sure to ask your adoption attorney if it’s legal in your state to give gifts to her.
What you give your child’s birth mother will depend on the relationship you’ve developed with her, and what she likes. As you get to know the birth mother better, you’ll discover her interests and get a better idea of what kind of present she’d like.

Here are our 10 favorite birth mother gift ideas that will show your child’s birth mom just how much she means to you!

1. Necklace with a locket that has a special engraving or a photo of her child inside

2. A framed photo of her son or daughter

3. Photo gift like a calendar, coffee mug, or book filled with pictures of her child

4. Jewelry (check out these beautiful adoption bracelets!)

5. Photo credits at a site such as Snapfish so she can order a photo gift, and whichever photos she likes

6. Gift basket filled with items like lotion, body wash, masks, self-care treats, and gift cards

7. Her child’s sweet handprint or footprint in clay

8. Meaningful hand-lettered artwork, like the gorgeous designs at LetterMyHeart on Etsy

9. Flowers

10. Gift certificate for a massage, facial, or another pampering service


Do you have ideas for birth mother gifts? Or maybe a creative present you’ve given your child’s birth mother that she loved?

Please share it with us by leaving your comment below!

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Written by Adoption Agency Florida