Indiana adoptive couple Kyle and Megan with their daughterIndiana adoptive couple Kyle and Megan share, “If you are hoping for a diverse family with parents who cannot wait to be add more joy to their family and a little girl who can’t wait to be a big sister, we can provide just that. We are a multi cultural family and love blending our traditions together to create family memories. We are excited to share our love, our story, and our dreams with your child!”

As a family, they enjoy playing games, being outside, and creating new and lasting memories together. As a couple, they love to go on dates and try new things. Their normal dates are dinner and a movie, but they’ve also enjoyed painting, hiking, exploring new cities, looking at homes, and shopping.

Kyle works as a Business Consultant, and Megan works part-time at a company that sells fair trade items. They live in a 2 story home with 3 bedrooms, a play area, a family area, and the kitchen ready for lots of yummy food to be made and eaten. The house has a large front porch where they spend a lot of time together. Behind their backyard is a horse farm, where they watch the horses and feed them carrots and apples.

They adopted their daughter from Ethiopia in 2013. She can’t wait to be a big sister; she wants to help feed the baby, put lotion on their belly, and share her toys.

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