Is it Possible to Adopt Twins?

Keith and Thirza were blessed to adopt twins!Many hopeful adoptive couples ask “is it possible to adopt twins?” The short answer is “yes”! Lifetime adoptive couple Keith and Thirza from Florida just adopted newborn twin girls!
We feel blessed to be able to share about their journey to adopting newborn twins! Please pray for all involved in this precious adoption story, especially the twins’ birth mom for her loving choice.
If you’re in the middle of your adoption wait, hearing stories like Keith and Thirza’s will give you inspiration and hope!

These happy new parents share:
“We’re adjusting to our new life as parents and we’re loving every minute of it! We learned about their birth mom from a friend approximately two years to the day our journey began (this includes the three and a half months before we signed with Lifetime.) As we posed for this photo, we couldn’t help to feel that waiting two years wasn’t enough to prepare us for when they arrived!
I [Thirza] personally struggled with the wait. Had we not been matched by the end of our contract with Lifetime, we had planned on ending our journey. But Natalie called me and spoke words that I really needed to hear. Then, we learned about the twins’ birth mom on a Sunday and flew out to be with her the following Saturday, as she was induced. The twins were born that day at 1:55 am and 2:08 am. The two-year wait came down to six days!
Keith and Thirza's twin daughters in their matching bassinetsKyla and Trinity were born at 35 weeks so they were kept in NICU. The staff at the hospital was nothing short of tremendous. We weren’t the adoptive parents, we were THE parents. They were extremely respectful of us and very protective of us once birth mom signed the surrender papers. Some of the nurses offered to help us at the airport once we were ICPC cleared. The entire experience at the hospital was great!
This photo is of their first night in their bassinets at home! It’s been a whirlwind of visitors, packages and two very generous baby showers. We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams with not one, but two beautiful baby girls. Lifetime kept us going when we were ready to give up and we’re so happy that Natalie called when she did!
We want to thank you for all of the work that you do to prepare adoptive parents. From the monthly webinars and update reports to the one-on-one individual attention you provide when it comes to profiles and websites, everything you all had done for us was truly appreciated and are sincerely thankful!”

As Keith and Thirza’s story shows, it is possible to adopt twins here at Lifetime. But if you’re only open to adopting twins, it will increase your wait time significantly. That’s because out of every 100 adoptions, Lifetime has around two to three newborn twin adoptions, on average, per year. You can learn more about adopting twins in our blog post, “How Long Does It Take to Adopt Twins?

Take the first step in your journey towards infant adoption today, simply by filling out Lifetime’s free online application to adopt!

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