Letting God Help You During Your Adoption Wait

hands_skyWhat I learned and helped during my adoption wait is that whenever you start to worry, remember this: ‘Let Go and Let God.’ And that God loves me so much that whatever I’m struggling with right now. He has a perfect plan and a purpose for me.

It’s easy to want to give up when things aren’t going as fast with our adoptions as we want it to. We’re so used to super sizing, drive up instant orders, and one-day shipping and it seems like everything in our life is going so fast. Then, when we have to wait for something like an adoption match it makes it difficult for us to comprehend and be patient.

Many prospective adoptive parents (I was one of those too) want to do more and get more involved in their adoption search. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact your Adoption Coordinator to get more details. Also, attend one of our webinars regarding what you can do to help expedite your adoption match and actually help. I found that doing something every day for an hour helped me; and also with my personality style I wanted to be involved with the process. I’d pray for God’s will, then do some work and then let go and let God do His part.

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