Birth mother Madison, grateful for open adoption, here's Madison's adoption storyWhen you’re considering adoption, it can really help to read other women’s stories. By hearing other women’s adoption stories, you can identify with their reasons for choosing adoption and find common ground in the emotions, relationships, and opportunities they have. In this guest blog post, we’re sharing Madison’s adoption story. We hope that by reading her story, you will get perspective as you think about your pregnancy choices.
In July of 2017, I found out I was pregnant and facing the most difficult choice of my life. I felt like I grew up literally overnight as I realized that there was a life growing inside me. As I got further along, I had to decide if becoming a mom was realistic at that point in my life. Since my baby’s father was out of the picture, I knew I would have to go this alone. I decided that the realities of single parenthood would be unfair to my child. I wanted more for her: two loving parents, a stable household, and a great education so she’d have plenty of opportunities in the future.
After lots of prayers and soul searching, I started to look into adoption for my baby. I took my time looking at Lifetime’s hopeful adoptive parents online, and I found a family that I truly loved. We went through my pregnancy together, sharing the happiness of the life that grew inside me. I asked my baby’s adoptive mother to be my labor partner. She came to every check-up with me, and we’d go out to breakfast together afterward. We got to know each other very well during this time spent together and became friends. I feel grateful to have had spent the time and effort to get to know my baby’s parents.
Madison gets open adoption updates on her daughterOn March 14, 2018, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, Rylee. I had written up my hospital plan ahead of time, so everyone at the hospital knew that I wanted to spend my time there together with the adoptive couple. We cared for Rylee together, and I was relieved to see the joy and love in their eyes. I could tell that they were going to be great parents!
Emotions were big in those first few hours, but the biggest one was LOVE! I felt love not only for my beautiful baby but also for the couple who were adopting her. After I was discharged from the hospital and we all went home, I knew that I’d made the right choice for Rylee. I know that she’s loved and cared for in a way that only a two-parent household can provide. I was able to give Rylee some things I’d always wanted for myself, two parents who love each other!
I get regular updates now on Rylee as she grows up, with lots of pictures and videos. I love her with all my heart, and because of that love, I gave her everything I’d always wanted for her. Open adoption was really the best option for my daughter, Rylee.
Today I share my story in the hopes of educating as many people as possible of the benefits of open adoption. Because of it, I will always know how my daughter is doing. I wish I were in the position to parent her, but I’m excited about the life she will be able to lead due to adoption. I think of Rylee each and every day, and know that she’s loved, safe, and thriving in her home.

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