chrisstaciGreetings from Maryland adoptive couple Chris and Staci! They’re an active and fun-loving couple who are excited to start their family through adoption. Staci knows the blessing of adoption by being adopted herself!

Chris is a Computer Engineer for the Navy, and Staci’s a Patient Care Coordinator at a dentist. About his wife, Chris says, “We often babysit our niece, and seeing Staci with her makes me know what a great mother she will be. She is very patient and has a nurturing personality, as well as being very family-oriented.” And Staci had this to say about her husband: “I know with Chris our family will always be taken care of and never have to worry about anything. When I watch Chris play with our niece I can see what a loving and caring daddy he will be.”

They travel pretty often to visit their family and friends, but also enjoy being home relaxing in their backyard or cooking dinner together. Chris and Staci are eager to share their unconditional love, family values, and their passion for learning with a child. They promise to provide your child a stable and loving environment in which they can grow and learn.

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