Meet Matt and Amanda, a loving, active couple from Massachusetts ready to add to their family through the blessing of adoption! With Matt and Amanda, your child will be provided with unconditional love, an excellent education, and encouragement to follow his or her dreams. They’re open to letters, pictures, and visits, if you desire.
They created this short and sweet video to introduce themselves and share more about what they have to offer your child. Keep scrolling to learn more about this fun and loving Massachusetts couple!
Massachusetts adoptive couple Matt and Amanda

Matt is an IT consultant, and Amanda works as a lawyer. Their daughter, Caroline, is a very active little girl with loads of personality. “We are excited for her to have a sibling to grow up with!” say Matt and Amanda. They can be found traveling the world to experience different cultures, attending concerts and festivals, spending time near the water, and being with their supportive family as much as they can. Matt and Amanda look forward to sharing these wonderful experiences with your child!
They live in a little seashore town outside of Boston in a large, four-bedroom home. The home has a playroom, a swing set in the backyard, and lots of space to run around. Matt and Amanda live just a mile from the ocean. You can watch Matt and Amanda’s adoptive family video right here to get a glimpse into their lives!
“Matt and Amanda love being parents to Caroline and the possibility of adoption excites them to add to their family…They have a nice home and good jobs that will allow them to provide for a loving and comfortable life to your child!” share Sue and Chase, Matt’s parents.
And Debi and Paul, Amanda’s parents, share, “Amanda has always valued family relationships and loves to stay connected with our whole family. Family is the core of who she is…Matt and Amanda have created a home filled with love, faith, family, commitment, and a lot of fun. Their nieces and nephews love hanging out with them, especially at Great Adventure on the fun rides or a day at the pool playing with them.”

Curious to know more about Matt and Amanda? You can check out their website, which has more photos, info, and a video.

Interested in talking to them as potential adoptive parents to your baby? Just text or call Lifetime 1-800-923-6784!