Discover the myths and truths surrounding domestic adoptionThe number of babies and children adopted through a domestic adoption has increased, and we have seen that the number of children adopted into the United States from other countries has dropped significantly over recent years. This is because of a variety of incidents involving children adopted internationally has resulted in many countries over the years discontinuing adoptions. Also, many countries have tightened their rules for international adoptions such as age limits and marital restrictions.

Some hopeful adoptive parents tell us they want to adopt internationally because they are afraid of the birth parents coming back to claim their child after the adoption has happened. Actually, that situation is dramatized and mostly occurs in TV shows and movies. In reality, an adoption reclaim happens very rarely. Reclaims happen if there has been adoption fraud or the child’s existence was hidden from the birth father. This is why it’s important to work with an adoption professional, with the experience in spotting potential adoption frauds and scams. Also, an adoption professional will ensure that the child’s birth father has been informed of the adoption plans and he’s legally consented to the adoption.

There are many children available for adoption in the US that range in age from newborn to older child, and even sibling groups. Consider adopting one of these children by browsing our website. Call us at Adoption Agency Florida if you’d like to learn the steps needed to get started with your domestic adoption: 1-877-383-6847.

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