Married couple listens to an adoption webinar on a tablet asking are we too old to adopt?Lifetime’s recent webinar met with hopeful adoptive parents to answer their questions about adopting a baby born in the US. Our audience was mixed with people who are just beginning to consider newborn adoption, to families who are ready to start the process and are in search of the right help, as well as with some of Lifetime’s adoptive parents in-waiting. Hosting such a diverse audience led to a great variety of questions and topics for discussion, as well as input from listener experience! As with any type of adoption, the more prepared and informed one is about adopting a child, the more smoothly the process usually goes, for all involved.
There are different types of adoption, and while they all share a few dynamics in common, they each come with their own unique steps to adding a child into a forever family. Domestic adoption can be an involved process, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting answers, choosing the right help, and proactively engaging in the process will set hopeful adopting parents up for success.
Behind the scenes, Lifetime’s actively waiting families enjoy private webinars on a monthly basis. This means on-going support and education throughout the process, from getting started, through the waiting, navigating the match, and preparing for life after adoption. Recently we opened a webinar for free public-access, allowing those who are not yet working with Lifetime a chance to gain direction from our seasoned adoption experts, as well as to get to know Lifetime better.
Plus, when you attend any of Lifetime’s webinars, our expert hosts always have real examples and stories to share, from their years at Lifetime, as well as modeling the heart at the center of Lifetime’s team of adoption coordinators. Lifetime’s adoption webinars are a great place to meet some of Lifetime’s staff, and to better understand how we advocate for all parties involved, in every adoption story. The answers discussed during our live webinars also extend an invitation to speak with us one-on-one regarding individual adoption goals, questions, or need for more information.
This month’s Newborn Adoption Q&A Webinar went over many domestic adoption basics, like home studies, attorneys, and age requirements, as well as understanding open adoption and what many birth mothers are looking in adoptive parents at Lifetime.
For answers to some of the common questions people have about adopting a baby in the US, listen to this webinar replay at No matter where you are in the process of researching or pursuing adoption, you’ll be sure to take away a tip or resource that will help you get closer to the baby you long to add to your family.

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