Natalie LaBelle

Adoptive Family Coordinator

Natalie LaBelleNatalie feels truly blessed to be a part of the Lifetime family as an Adoptive Family Coordinator. She loves helping people and being able to help build families is truly a blessing! Her life as an adoptee has recently come full circle, meaning that Natalie has both her family and her birth family in her life. This gives Natalie a unique perspective working in the adoption field. She understands exactly what emotions may arise for adoptive families, their adopted children; including trans-racial adoptions, and also empathizes with what birth parents go through when they make this most unselfish choice. Nothing is more exciting to her than helping a match take place and witnessing prayers being answered.

Natalie LaBelleIn Natalie’s spare time you can find her with her family, playing with her dogs and horses, relaxing on the beach, riding her bike along the bay, kayaking, or watching movies on a rainy day. She loves the outdoors and staying active. She also enjoys dining at new restaurants.

Natalie has a saying that goes “I get a triple dose of Love,” because she was given the gift of a loving life, from her loving birth mom, her loving adoptive family, and her loving God.”

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