Pregnant woman holding mug and daydreaming by windowOne of life’s most beautiful adventures awaits when you begin building your family. Although there are many paths you can take to become parents, pursuing adoption is a great way to fulfill your dreams of parenthood.
If you’re researching the possibility of adopting a baby to expand your family, you may wonder what types of adoption opportunities are available. Our Adoption Situations page is intended to allow future adoptive couples to learn more about real pregnant women and mothers working with Lifetime Adoption.
When you embark on your adoption journey, it helps to learn about an adoption agency’s available adoption opportunities. Doing so lets you see if the babies and children available for adoption match what you’re hoping for. For example, if you’re hoping to adopt a newborn from the hospital and the agency mainly works with adoptions of children over five, they may not be the best fit for you.

Are You Hoping to Adopt?

Finding the right adoption opportunity for your family can take some time. In addition, the process will differ depending on which type of adoption you seek.
When you work with Lifetime Adoption Agency, we work hard to ensure your adoption experience is the best it can be. With over 35 years of experience, our staff knows what it takes to help you throughout your adoption process and beyond.
On Lifetime’s Adoption Situations page, you will see each expectant mother’s location, race, due date, and baby’s gender if known. You’ll also be able to read what each mother is looking for in adoptive parents for her child. If Lifetime is helping a mother make an adoption plan for her child, you’ll see the child’s age, location, and race listed along with general info about the child. Our adoption professionals talk with new birth mothers who are looking for adoptive parents daily, so this list does not include every adoption situation.
An essential part of Lifetime Adoption’s program is that adoptive parents learn and understand birth mothers. As hopeful adoptive parents looking for adoption opportunities, you need to be ready to embrace not only the baby, but also the birth mother as an important part of her child’s story.
Truly, the best way to navigate your journey as adoptive parents is to see the adoption triad as the “family of adoption.” As you begin your search for adoption opportunities, it’s good to keep that in mind.

How Can We Be Considered for an Adoption Opportunity?

If you are an adoptive couple currently contracted with Lifetime, we are already presenting you to available adoption situations that meet your preferences. In open adoption, you must also match what the birth parents are seeking. Please speak with your Adoption Coordinator if you would like to widen your preferences so we can present you to additional adoption opportunities.
If you are not Lifetime adoptive parents, your first step is to fill out Lifetime’s FREE online application to adopt. If you want to find out what steps you can take towards adopting, complete the online application or call (727) 493-0933 for more info.

Lifetime Adoption Agency

The adoption process can be complex, but when you work with a professional like Lifetime Adoption, our experienced professionals will take care of every aspect of your adoption journey. While many adoption agencies have children waiting for adoption, none can provide you with a better adoption experience than our experts.
As a licensed adoption agency, we help women across the country who are considering adoption. Due to our ability to work nationwide, Lifetime Adoption is able to offer more available adoption opportunities than a local adoption agency. They are limited by geography and can only handle certain aspects of the adoption process. Lifetime Adoption is equipped to help you throughout every step of your adoption.
With the right guidance and support, adopting a baby can be the most beautiful experience. Adoption is an incredible way to build your family, and our professionals will do everything they can to make sure your experience is the best it can be. If you’d like to learn more about adopting through Lifetime, you can contact us online or call (727) 493-0933 for more info.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 21, 2015, and has since been updated. 

Linda Rotz

Written by Linda Rotz

Linda Rotz, CWCM-S, CWCM-Trainer, ACC, is the Director of Adoption Services at Lifetime. Linda has worked in the field of adoption for 20 years within the child welfare/foster care system in Florida. She has degrees in Mass Communications and Human Development, and completed graduate studies in social work.

Due to her extensive expertise, Linda was called upon to write adoption procedures and training materials in Florida. She is certified as an Adoption Specialist, Child Welfare Case Manager Supervisor and Child Welfare Trainer in the state of Florida.