Justin and Becca, hopeful outdoor-loving adoptive parents in New MexicoMeet Justin and Becca, an outdoorsy couple who are excited to become first-time parents through adoption! They’ve been married for 15 years, and believe that God has called them to welcome a child into their hearts and home through adoption.
Together, they love to laugh and stay active, whether it’s working together, weight lifting, exploring locally, or through travel. Justin and Becca would love to know your desires and wishes for contact during and after the adoption. If you’re comfortable, they would be happy to share updates, and even future visits!
They created a short and sweet video to introduce themselves and share more about what they have to offer your child. Keep scrolling to learn more about this active Christian couple in New Mexico!
Justin and Becca own and run a Native American Gallery and Trading Post, which has been handed down for three generations in Justin’s family. They sell jewelry, pottery, and more, all around the world, to businesses and collectors of Native American arts and crafts. One of the reasons Justin and Becca chose to continue the family business was for their future family. Since their business is operated on the same property as Justin and Becca’s home, they won’t need daycare. One of them will be with the baby at all times! Justin has great memories growing up in his parents’ store. Justin and Becca hope to create the same sweet childhood for the child they adopt.
They live in the country on seven fenced acres with a greenhouse for gardening, a separate garage, and a horse barn. Justin and Becca live close to the mountains with hiking paths, riding trails, and many historical sites. Their diverse community also has several great schools. Animals are a special part of Justin and Becca’s lives; they have three dogs, two cats, and three horses. Their pets are great with children, and their older horse, Shiver, especially enjoys when kids ride him around the property.

What Family & Friends Say About Justin and Becca

“Justin and Becca have created a stable family life, are great role models in faith, and they maintain loving relationships with people in their lives. Our daughter talks about them frequently and tells everyone how much she loves Justin and Becca. We know their home is a home where a child will know safety, comfort, security, and most importantly, unconditional love and respect.” say Jason and Barb, Justin’s brother and sister-in-law.
And Anna, a life-long friend, says, “Justin and Becca are great with our kids, teaching them about music, horses, or quilting. My kids enjoy them because they are a great combination of joyfulness, gentleness, guidance, and love. Becca and Justin were made for each other. I consider them dependable friends who are responsible and trustworthy. The child they adopt will be received with so much love, and will have parents who provide an example of strong character and faithful devotion to family and God.”

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