“We’re Ready and Excited To Become First-Time Parents To a Boy Or Girl of Any Race!”

Clayton and Sarah are college sweethearts who can’t wait to share their hearts, home, and love for cooking and travel with their first child. They live in a cozy house on a quiet street just minutes outside of a big city. Clayton and Sarah value diversity and can’t wait to welcome a baby of any race into their family!

They’ve made a cute video to introduce themselves and share more about what they have to offer your child. Keep scrolling to learn more about this young and active Indiana couple!

Indiana adoptive couple Sarah and Clayton

Clayton and Sarah have been together for over seven years. They like to keep a sense of humor and Christian faith at the center of their marriage, and always make time for each other. They like to travel around the world and love cooking old and new recipes. Clayton and Sarah can’t wait to welcome their first child into their family!

Here’s Indiana adoptive couple Clayton and Sarah’s video:

Indiana Adoptive Couple Clayton and Sarah's Adoption Video from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

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