If you have been struggling as a mother or to provide for a child you’re raising, know that you’re not alone. Many women turn to Lifetime Adoption to explore their options in adoption. The reasons women choose adoption vary. Some women choose adoption for a child when they are not able to afford parenting, while others may be involved with Child Protective Services or be facing jail time. Sometimes the reasons a mother chooses adoption are from a desire to provide a two-parent home or greater stability for their child. There is truly no wrong reason to think about adoption or choose to create an adoption plan.

Learning more about adoption does not mean you have to choose adoption; you’re just finding out more information. Getting answers and exploring possible options will help you make an informed decision moving forward. Our services are free and confidential. We work with pre-screened and qualified adoptive parents who would love to share an open adoption with you, if you desire. We will help you find the family that’s right for you and right for your child, when you’re ready.

If you have questions, please give Lifetime Adoption toll-free at 1-877-383-6847 or email us.

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