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How to Find Out If You’re Both Ready to Adopt

Communicate openly with your spouse to find if you're both ready to adoptYour decision to adopt a baby probably didn’t happen overnight. Most couples take weeks, months, or years to move from fertility treatments to adoption. It’s important that you make sure you’re ready to adopt before you start the adoption process.

Today, Lifetime shares three basic requirements you should meet before signing on with an adoption professional:

1. You’ve Moved on from Infertility

So that your adoption can be successful, the decision must be fully embraced by both of you.

People handle stressful situations and grieve differently. So, it’s common for one spouse to be ready to adopt and the other to be uncertain.

Allow your spouse fully grieve failed fertility treatments, and the dream of having a child biologically, so that they can move through the grief and loss process at their own pace. If one of you isn’t fully ready to move to adoption, it might lead to complications during the adoption process down the road. Neither of you should feel pressured into adopting just because the other one is ready.

We encourage you to see an infertility counselor or a marriage and family counselor if you’re struggling to move on from infertility.

2. You Have Similar Adoption Plans

Just as each of you should be ready to adopt, you should also be on the same page as to how you’re going to adopt. Consider if you want to:

  • Adopt a newborn or an older child.
  • Adopt domestically, internationally or through foster care.
  • Adopt a baby of a specific gender.
  • Adopt a baby of a particular ethnicity
  • Be in contact with the birth parents, and if so, how much.

Speaking with an Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime will help both of you gain a better understanding of all the elements in adoption. Listening to webinars will help you gain more information about all aspects of adoption. Visit to get started. Seek input from adoptive families for their experience with the type of adoption you’re interested in.

3. You’re Financially Ready for Adoption

There will be various adoption costs you need to prepare for. Examples include medical, legal and travel expenses.

Begin by carefully researching all of your options. Balance those costs with your budget to decide if you’re financially ready to pursue adoption. If finances are a concern, look into adoption fundraising, grants, and loans.

When you’re deciding whether or not you are ready to adopt, it’s essential to communicate openly with your spouse. Talk about all aspects of adoption, financial security, adoption goals, and your feelings surrounding infertility.

If you’re both ready to adopt or if you have questions about moving on from infertility, call Lifetime Adoption Agency at

Are You Ready for Infant Adoption in 2017?

Ross and Carol were blessed through an infant adoption this past year!Adopting a child is a lifelong commitment. But at times the process to adopt can also seem to take ages! If you’re well-informed and prepared for an infant adoption, you’ll succeed!

There are various ways that adoption is similar to pregnancy. Just as pregnancy has lots of hopes, expectations, uncertainties, and restrictions, so too does adoption. The more equipped you are for the adoption process, the easier it’ll be to keep hope on your dream of extending your family.

Ask yourselves, “Will we be ready to adopt when we get ‘the call’”? How would you react if you were presented with an unexpected adoption situation? As a hopeful adoptive parent, you need the ability to concentrate on the adoption process and be prepared adopt at any time.

So how do you know you’re ready for infant adoption?

To begin with, understand your reasons for adopting. Don’t choose adoption just because people say you “should.” Infertility can be a distressing experience but adoption may not always be the right solution for couples fighting infertility. Adoption can’t erase the need to have a biological child. If this is the case, couples might need to grieve the biological child they may never conceive.

Likewise, feeling lonely isn’t a good reason to begin the adoption process. It takes a lot of self-sacrifice to provide a nurturing life to a child. If your motive to adopt is simply so you aren’t alone, putting their needs ahead of your own will feel like a burden.

If your spouse isn’t sure about infant adoption, don’t start the process hoping they’ll come around. What happens if they don’t come around after the child becomes part of your family? Your commitment to your child is forever and must be equally shared.

So, your reasons to adopt shouldn’t be idealistic or selfish. Make sure that you want to adopt because you’re ready to become parents.

Once you start the adoption procedures, prepare yourselves to face financial restrictions as well as demands on your energy and time. The process to adopt will require that you make commitments and lifestyle changes in order to be successful. Also prepare yourselves to face some ‘red tape’ during the process, no matter which path to adoption you pick. You must also be prepared to give your child the love, attention, and security that they deserve.

Set aside time to talk with your spouse throughout your adoption journey. Many couples have told us that once they started, they found they opened up more than they’d expected. Every conversation you have about the future is in preparation for the day you get “the call” that a birth mother has chosen you.

When you’re fully prepared and ready to move forward, adoption will become one of the most fulfilling experiences in your life!

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