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“Are We Too Old to Adopt?”

Discover your options of adopting after 40 at our adoption agency in Florida!There are various reasons that couples decide to adopt when they’re in their 40s (and later). They may have been establishing financial security first or hoping to create a family after a second marriage. If this is the case for you, the question “Are we too old to adopt?” may have crossed your mind. Keep reading to learn your options with infant adoption at our adoption agency in Florida!

In the past, there existed a “40-year rule” in adoption, meaning that adoptive parents could be no more than 40 years older than the baby or child they adopted.

At our adoption agency in Florida, we’re seeing that this rule is gradually fading away. In fact, we’ve worked with many birth mothers who are seeking an established, mature couple. The bottom is that when it comes to adoptive parents, what matters most to birth mothers is your ability to provide a nurturing, loving, and safe home.

If you’re hoping to adopt after 40, you may have encountered adoption professionals who have age restrictions and “cut-offs” for their clients. This is not so at our adoption agency in Florida. While we do have a minimum age of 21, we don’t have a maximum age cut-off that would restrict you from adopting after a set age. We believe that what’s more important than your age is to show birth parents that you’re healthy, active, and eager to become parents. So, it’s not so much about the age of the adoptive parents. Instead, what you can offer her child is paramount to birth mothers.

Here at Lifetime’s adoption agency in Florida, we’ve assisted many older couples to adopt a baby. We’ve noticed that older adoptive couples have much to offer a birth parent. They’re financially secure and are established in stable careers and marriages. With more people delaying the start of their family until their forties, age is truly just a number. What’s more important is the love and commitment you can provide to a child!

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Adoption Webinar for Hopeful Parents: Your Adoption Questions, Answered

Adoption Webinar: Adoption Questions AnsweredAsking questions is the best way to start learning more about domestic adoption. If you’re hoping to adopt a baby or child, it’s important to learn about all areas of the process. Adoption questions also help you learn how adoption looks for the different parties involved.

We recently hosted an adoption webinar to answer adoptive parents’ questions live. No matter where you’re at in your adoption planning, you’ll have lots of questions. The answers featured on this webinar will help you prepare to adopt safely and smoothly. In this adoption webinar, our hosts answered questions covering a range of topics such as:

  • Gender-specific adoptions
  • How old is too old to adopt
  • Adoption profiles
  • Home studies
  • Your first steps to adopting
  • What birth mothers are seeking in adoptive parents
  • The adoption tax credit

Lifetime Adoption’s adoption experts covered as many questions as possible! To listen in to the recording, visit

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