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Adoption Truth: Guys Can Be Involved, Too

the adoption truth is, your guy can get involved in the adoption planning, too“My girlfriend is 25 weeks pregnant. We’re both 19, and just work part-time while we go to school. So I know there’s no way I could support a family right now. She thinks adoption is going to be best for our baby. She’s probably right, but I can’t just forget about my child. I need to stay a part of their life.”

Does your baby’s father want to remain a part of his child’s life after the adoption happens? Keep reading to learn how he can be a part of making an adoption plan, and why it’s good for him to get involved.

Modern, open adoption is getting to be more common and understood. And, more birth fathers are taking part in the adoption process. Usually, we find that when a birth father knows he has rights in open adoption too, he becomes supportive of the adoption plans.

Your baby’s father can help you pick your baby’s adoptive parents, come to know them, and help as you make the plan for on-going future contact.

Even if you decide not to stay in touch with your baby’s adoptive family after the adoption happens, he can still stay connected with his child’s adoptive family and his child. Many times a man may be more supportive of an adoption plan if he knows that he also can participate in the open adoption!

You can learn more about your guy’s involvement in adoption planning in this short video:

Adoption Truth – Birth Father and Open Adoption from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

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How to Get Your Baby’s Father Involved in Adoption

Have you decided that adoption is going to be your best option, but your baby’s father doesn’t agree? What can you do? Know that you’re not alone; this is a very common situation. Check out a short video that shares more about adoption and your baby’s father:

Getting your baby's father involved in the adoption? from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

Thousands of women have been where you are right now. We recommend that you sit down with your baby’s father to get him involved in the adoption choice. It’s his baby too, and he has rights in adoption. You could allow him to be involved in picking the adoptive family for your baby. You can make what’s called an “open adoption” plan, which means you’ll get updates on your baby as he or she grows up, through emails, letters, photos, and visits. If he desires, your baby’s father could stay in touch with the adoptive couple, separate from you.

Right now, it’s important that he knows and understands he has rights as the birth father. Once he’s educated on the info and facts about the adoption process, he will probably come to see that it’s the best possible scenario for his child.

Both of you need to make sure you’re putting your baby’s life first and thinking about what’s going to be best for them. So, come together to talk so that you can make the best choice for your child.

It’s tough for a man to accept that can’t provide for his child. Speak with him and tell him your hopes for your child, and ask him what his are too. Tell him that he can help choose the adoptive family and remain in contact with them. You both can have a relationship with your child and the adoptive parents, even you two aren’t together. It may change his mind about adoption once he knows that it doesn’t mean goodbye forever.

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Thinking About Adoption-What About My Baby’s Father?

Baby's father thinking about adoptionQuestion: “I’ve been thinking about adopting out my baby ever since I was about 3 months along. But what about my baby’s father? Should he get involved?”

Answer: If he’s in your life, your baby’s father can be involved in the adoption if he’s interested. He can help choose the adoptive parents and have ongoing contact, like you, if he wishes.

We’ve worked with many birth fathers who’ve been active in the adoption plan for their child. One birth father has shared with us, “I’m so happy that I was able to put my child’s needs above my own.”

If your baby’s father isn’t around, or if he’s incarcerated or unsafe, an attorney will help you understand the legal steps needed in regards to his parental rights. Every situation is different and you can get free legal advice.

Adoption Agency Florida has found that some birth fathers say no to adoption because of pride. They say “no child of mine will be adopted out” because they won’t admit to themselves that it might be the best choice. The reality is that it takes a strong man to recognize that he’s not able to provide for a child right now, and to agree to the adoption.

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