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The Truth About Being Picked by a Birth Mother

Woman browses Internet on a tabletAmanda rested on the sofa, with a cup of tea resting in one hand one. She grabbed for her iPad and began to browse through her adoption agency’s website, something that she did every night upon getting home from work. As she navigated the site, Amanda began feeling defeated. As she looked at all the happy photos of other couples hoping to adopt, she wondered, “How will we ever stand out from all these other couples and get picked by a birth mother? What makes a birth mother choose one couple over another as the parents to her child? How can we compete against couples who are charming, well-educated, attractive, and wealthier?”
If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Plenty hopeful adoptive parents feel worried from time to time that a birth mother won’t choose them. Struggling with jealousy and frustration during your adoption journey is normal. Today, we hope to bring clarity to the open adoption process and give you some bottom line truths about being chosen by a birth mother.

Why Them and Not Us?

Today, birth mothers pick adoptive families for a variety of reasons. Lifetime has seen women choose a certain couple just because they looked kind, or familiar, or fun. Birth mothers have decided on their baby’s adoptive parents based on where they live, their pets, or their hobbies. We’ve even worked with birth mothers who felt an instant connection to an adoptive couple because they both liked the same candy! As you can tell, there’s no specific formula to explain why a birth mother might like one family over another.
The truth is, a birth mother can only pick ONE adoptive family for her baby. Once she realizes that there are so many wonderful, loving couples who would make amazing parents for her baby, it makes her difficult decision even more so.

How Long Will We Wait?

Adoption is unique. If it were easier to adopt, there would be more people pursuing this path to parenthood. It’s challenging to predict exactly how long your adoption wait will be. That because here at Lifetime, adoption depends on a birth mother’s choice.
So, it’s important to follow your adoption agency’s guidance and expertise on your adoption profile, website, and video. Also, make sure to be as open as you’re comfortable in your adoption preferences for a child. Every time a birth mother sees your information, it’s another opportunity to be picked.
The bottom line is that there are a variety of reasons why some adoptive couples wait longer than others. Some hopeful adoptive parents may have put off turning in their home study paperwork or getting their adoption profiles in. Or, they might even have turned down an opportunity to adopt that was given to them and was inside their preferences. For couples who have been ready and proactive from the beginning of their adoption journey, it’s just a matter of time!
Each adoptive family’s path to their child is unique, but it can be hard not to compare yourself to others. Whether you’re seeking an adoption match on your own or with the help of a professional, we hope that the insights we shared here help you get through the frustrating days.

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Adoption Opportunities at Our Adoption Agency in Florida

Learn about our adoption agency in Florida's available adoption opportunities!When you’re thinking about infant adoption to grow your family, it’s normal to wonder about the babies available for adoption. In the adoption world, you may hear terms like “adoption opportunities” and “adoption situations.” Keep reading to find out if our adoption agency in Florida would be a good fit for your family!

It’s important to research domestic adoption before you dive in! Part of that research means finding out more about an adoption professional’s available adoption opportunities. When you’re seeking a newborn adoption, you’ll come across web pages which have info on birth mothers seeking adoptive families for their baby. Reading about them and about their available adoption opportunity will help you decide if the adoption professional’s right for you! Below, we’ve included info on just three of the many birth mothers that Lifetime Adoption Agency is working with right now:

We’re searching for an adoptive family to adopt a Caucasian six-month-old baby boy. His birth mother is struggling to provide for her son and is hopeful to find a loving, financially stable couple who currently have adopted children. She works full time but is having a hard time providing the things he needs and she feels he deserves a better life. There was no substance use during her pregnancy and she reports he is healthy. She would like an open adoption to include visits.

This adoption agency in Florida is also looking for adoptive parents for an African American/Hawaiian baby due next month. The birth mother is looking for a Christian family, one that can provide whatever her baby needs. She is currently parenting a 1-year-old and feels it would be too difficult to financially provide for both. She would like a semi-open adoption with no visits (just letters and photos) for updates. She is focused on getting her life on track, taking care of her daughter, and pursuing a career in the medical field. She has had regular prenatal care and has not reported any substance use during her pregnancy.

Finally, we’re seeking a loving, financially secure Caucasian couple to adopt a baby due in September (gender is unknown). The birth mother is seeking a couple who will provide her child with a wonderful life full of fun and adventure. She would prefer that the couple have parenting experience. Some cigarette use stated but no other health issues, she shares. Assistance with pregnancy-related expenses will be appreciated. Contact desired after placement will be letters, pictures, and the option of a visit once a year. She does have medical insurance and will be starting her prenatal care soon..

To view our adoption agency in Florida’s complete list of Adoption Agency Florida’s adoption situations, click here.

The first step to take if you’d like to adopt a baby with our adoption agency in Florida is to complete Lifetime’s
FREE online application to adopt.

Adoption Situations at Adoption Agency Florida

Adoption situations at Lifetime Adoption AgencyWhen you’re looking into infant adoption to begin (or grow) your family, it’s normal to wonder about the babies available for adoption (also known as adoption situations) that are available.
What helps is learning more about the various adoption situations and birth mothers seeking adoptive families that an adoption company has. That way, you can decide whether their adoption situations meet what you’re hoping for. Here is some info on just three of the many adoption situations Adoption Agency Florida is currently working with:

We’re searching for an adoptive family to adopt a baby boy due in December. He will be of mixed Hispanic and Caucasian ethnicities. His birth mother is a sweet and passionate woman who loves the Lord and has a strong desire to give her child a good home with parents that can provide support and ensure a bright future for their baby. She and the baby’s father are hoping to place their son in a home with no other children. An adoptive family who have a strong and passionate Catholic or Christian faith is desired.

Adoption Agency Florida is also looking for adoptive parents for an African American baby due in January. The birth mother is looking for a financially stable African American couple to raise her baby. She is open to families with children or without children. She would like an open adoption with yearly visits.

Thirdly, we’re seeking a loving Christian adoptive couple for a Caucasian baby due in May. This birth mother is looking for a financially stable home where her baby can have access to the best opportunities in life. She wants a family that knows how to laugh and have fun but also is nurturing. A family that practices their faith is very important to her. She wants her child to grow up knowing God. An open adoption is also a must. She would like the opportunity for occasional visits.

You can also browse a full list of Adoption Agency Florida’s adoption situations. The first step towards adopting a baby with us is to fill out Lifetime Adoption Agency’s FREE online application to adopt. If you would like to find out what steps you can take towards adopting, complete the online application or call (727) 493-0933 for more info.