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Is Adoption Right for You?…There’s an App for That!

there's an app for adoption!It seems like there’s an app for everything these days. And it’s no different for learning about the choice of adoption! “Open Adoption” is a new app that can really help you when you’re wondering if adoption is the right choice for you and your baby.

This smartphone app (which is totally free, by the way!) tells you what’s involved with making an adoption plan for your baby. And, you can read answers to questions that women frequently ask about adoption. Plus, you can browse hopeful adoptive parents, see their photos, and learn what they’re all about.

If you’ve just started thinking about adoption, you might not be ready to share this news to everyone right now. That’s totally normal. A smart way to look into adoption confidentially is by downloading this app, “Open Adoption.” Just go to to get more info and get your free download. The website Adoption Option App provides links to download “Open Adoption” for either an Apple or Google phone.

No matter what your reason is for thinking about adoption, know that you’re not alone. Thousands of women create open adoption plans each year. And with modern adoption, you’re encouraged to take the driver’s seat in every step of the process. You can pick the adoptive parents for your child, name how things will go at the hospital, and decide the amount of contact you’d like in the future.

In the Open Adoption app, you’ll find:

  • Bios, videos, and photos of hopeful adoptive couples
  • A short e-book about adoption
  • Popular questions about open adoption, and the answers
  • A breakdown of how modern open adoption works
  • Tips that you can use when you’re deciding if adoption’s for you
  • Resources and services that you might need

    Best of all, the app “Open Adoption” is FREE and packed with info about modern adoption! Visit to get your free download.

    Click to download the app, Open Adoption

Smartphone App About Adoption

hipster cropDid you know that Lifetime Adoption has an app about adoption that’s for iPhones, Droids, and other smartphones? Our Open Adoption app is free, and the info in it helps you decide whether adoption is the right choice for your unplanned pregnancy. On our app, you can research parents ready to adopt by race or location, read answers to the most-asked questions about choosing adoption, get confidential, 24-hour support, and get a short book on adoption.

About our app, a birth mother named Shayna said, “I was kind of private about my situation. When I found out I could learn about adoption on my phone without telling anyone, I was relieved. I was able to check out the parents hoping to adopt a child, read stories from other moms who chose adoption, and learn about what open adoption is like these days. Once I felt ready to learn more I was able to call and talk about my questions and what to expect next. Eventually, I even told my mom and we looked through the adoption app together.”

You can download it for free for Apple devices or on the Google Play store by clicking on the icons below: